Projects 2024


The Residents' Association are considering the possibility of an Adult Outdoor Gym for High Lane Park.

The idea is to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents by providing some equipment for adults/ teenagers including those who may have disabilities. Being in the park it will be available whenever required and without any charges or travel, gym membership for a family can be an expensive item today. 

It is hoped that by encouraging more adults to use the park this may reduce the small amount of anti-social behaviour that sometimes occurs.

We expect the equipment to be used by parents visiting the park with their children, casual joggers, for warming up before taking part in field and village hall activities and for the person that just wants to be able to have a stretch or work a muscle or two.

Many of our Stockport parks have similar facilities to those we propose, If you wish to comment or give ideas use the link



Some Possible Equipment For Our Park


               Raise arms with resistance       Chest press and pull down combo   more gym2 Pull Ups

 Park setting Handforth Outdoor Gym

 Hand Rotation suitable for wheel chair users


                                                                                                   Inclusive hand bike 

                                                                                                                     suitable for wheelchair                                

 Black single sit up bench with green frame from Wicksteed PlaygroundsSingle Sit-Up Bench     

                                                                                       SkierSkier outdoor gym equipment with white pedals and upright arms and green frame
The Space Walker outdoor playground gym equipment with metal green frame and 2 white pedal legsSpace Walker


      More Equipment use Link-