The 'High Road' of High Lane - Marple Local History Society

The A6 through High Lane has long suffered from heavy congestion, and the addition to the road network in October 2018 of the A6MARR — the A555 road extension with realigned A6 access — has increased the problem in High Lane by attracting more traffic, although other areas of the borough were expected to benefit from a reduction. 


Recent changes in official traffic-monitoring locations and methodology, together with changing traffic patterns attributable to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic have added to the difficulty of making direct comparisons, but HLRA remains committed to scrutinising the traffic data to act in the best interests of local residents.


For further information, see Air Quality and Traffic in High Lane (Appendix 3 of HLRA response to GMSF, 2019).


DB 28/1/21