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Report from Local Police

 7th September 2023

Here are the crime stats for last month for the High Lane area for your attention.

 8 crimes in the last month in high lane of the 2093 crimes recorded in Stockport District.

 2 x reported crimes in relation to burglary – 1 x St Thomas Church where bible was stolen and burned in woodland. No suspect identified. 1 x door handle tried with no entry gained.

 Speedwatch has been setup and training provided to the volunteers – Alan James will be providing an update. However with the data provided – 3 x events have been held with 132 vehicles being clocked exceeding 24mph on the 20mph limit of Andrew Lane. Letters have been sent to registered keepers of the vehicles to deter and educate. 20 of the offending vehicles are residents of high lane. Many of the other vehicles are local to Marple, New Mills.


14th Nov 2022 Reqest for Volunteers.


Received below from Greater Manchester Police.

 Greater Manchester Police are asking for volunteers to take part in a  Community Speed Watch for High Lane area.
 If you are interested open the link below to apply. I am aware this has been an on-going subject for a long time, the RA have looked at the issue of speeding at our meetings with your councillors and the police who regularly attend. 
All applications will be considered by GMP alone





Residents Association Meeting 3rd February 2022


We were pleased to welcome our new Beat Ofificer Matthew Mayers to High Lane, Matthew was accompanied by PC Gary Appleyard at the last RA meeting.

Gary informed us that the rate of crime within the High Lane area is very low with no burglaries or car crime reported within the last three weeks, however in the Marple area there seems to be an outbreak of anti-social behaviour, breaking windows at the library and other buildings.

Police attention has been given to the Thornway and Meadway area to prevent the rat run and speeding in this residential area, plus in recent weeks attention given to the park and canal towpath area.

When asked about the area our local police have to cover Gary explained they have to cover Marple, Strines, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Compstall as well as High Lane, quite a large area. They are hopeful of more resources in the future.

Police will try to attend Councillors Saturday surgeries in Marple and High Lane, as well as the High Lane Residents' Association meetings, workload permitting. 




 From Marple Area Committee Meeting June 21  Progress on speed cameras and other recent actions.

Inspector Flavell reported to the committe they are looking at and pending a force decision, the community speed watch scheme could start in the near future.

High Lane has been choosen as a pilot within the Stockport area so will be the first. He is well aware that local residents are very keen on the scheme starting.

A man has been arrested in Marple in connection with a spate of burglaries in the area, after pleading guilty is now in prison.

A large quantity of cannabis was discovered at a premises on Cross Lane Marple, a man has been jailed.

Minutes for this meeting on SMBC site


9th April 2021

 Fri, 9 Apr 2021 at 19:00  Inspector Shaun Flavell wrote

Dear All,

I have had numerous emails from various parties over the last two days.

The concerns originate from a resident of High Lane who raises a number of concerns.

I propose to respond to each concern in turn.

Concern with regard the use of drones, particularly around the last weekend in March.

There is no particular offence but their use in some circumstances could be interpreted as anti- social behaviour or an element in a substantive criminal offence. These issues, if causing alarm, should be reported to The Police.


Concern about reporting matters via 101 ( non-urgent matters )

There was frustration displayed at the time taken to respond. Residents should be encouraged to report matters online via The GMP Website. This is inline with changes of behaviour and GMP has shifted staff away from their traditional role of answering calls to respond to online reports.


Concern about lack of police presence after midnight.

This would appear to have originated from a facebook post and an interpretation that High Lane did not have any police coverage after midnight. The facts are that The Neighbourhood do not routinely have staff on duty after midnight. This is the same in all areas of GMP. However there are response patrols on duty all through the night supported by specialist units such as The Tactical Vehicle Investigation Unit and Dog Patrols. Indeed these units were responsible for some excellent arrests over the last few days linked to crimes in High Lane and Hazel Grove.


Concerns about high levels of crime.  

Incidents and crimes have been on the increase in recent weeks. This is both locally, across Stockport & across GMP. Given that COVID concerns are still ongoing this is causing a significant demand on police resources.


Concerns about crime overnight 6th April to 7th April.  

There is mention of the theft of a catalytic converter in High Lane. I can confirm this was part of a series of such thefts across Stockport and the wider area. The great news is that 2 offenders were arrested and charged and 15 catalytic converters recovered after great work from The Tactical Vehicle Investigation Unit. This information was circulated to all Stockport Councillors yesterday.


Concerns about crime overnight 7th April to 8th April

There is mention of a burglary in Hazel Grove and a vehicle being stolen. The great news is that 2 youth offenders were arrested shortly afterwards and the vehicle recovered after some great work by a Dog Patrol. The 2 youth offenders are to be subject to rigorous offender monitoring by The Police.


Concern about police numbers

About 6 months ago 2 new recruits were allocated to my Neighbourhood. At the same time we lost PC Palmer to CID. I am delighted to announce that a new officer is starting with us at Hazel Grove next week ; PC Mark Crowley. This means we will have 4 dedicated Neighbourhood Beat Officers based at both Marple and Hazel Grove. This is an increase of one officer at each Police Station in the last 6 months.


Shaun Flavell
Neighbourhood Inspector Marple & Hazel Grove


9th April 2021

On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, 21:40 , PCSO Appleyard wrote:

There was a police chase on Windlehurst Road involving a X5 this was recovered when offenders decamped from the vehicle and ran into a nearby housing estate, both have since been arrested.

Also Tuesday 2 were locked up for the catalytic converter thefts.


The Residents' Association has been informed by PCSO Appleyard that there is a Police presence in High Lane at all times, a rumour has been circulating that they do not respond after midnight this is incorrect. 


27th March 2021

PC Appleyard has contacted the Residents' Association to inform all residents of the action being taken to combat anti-social behaviour particularly in High Lane park area.

"Just for your information, the area is receiving renewed and increased  attention from ourselves. Myself and Craig carried out 9 visits to little darlings who had names taken the previous weekend for one reason or another. All were spoken to in front of parents and suitably advised.

Please pass onto your members so that they know we are trying to resolve things for the residents."

 PCSO 61370 Appleyard

Marple Police Station

Parkfield Avenue



Please REPORT incidents of suspicious or illegal behaviour via https://crimestoppers-uk.org using the online form or by phone on 0800 555 111. Even if it is too late to apprehend anyone it is still important that incidents are registered so that the level of incidents and the pattern are understood. You can report anonymously but please mention High Lane Village, Stockport and the report will come through to our PCSO and local team.