High Lane Benches

    At present the RA are looking at refurbishing three benches-

    outside the pharmacy, opposite the Royal Oak, opposite the Library.


The work on the pharmacy bench has been carried out by the Residents' Association.   

   Before                                                   20210622085431                            After20210724110934


    Opposite the Royal Oak-The RA has been given Ward funding by the Marple Area Committee for the replacement of this bench for a Stockport approved model supplied by a local company, the bench will be similar to the black one in the Memorial Gardens.


   Opposite the Library - we are undertaking a report on the condition and feasibility of a repair and repaint of the bus shelter and bench. 


     Litter picking

       Arranged by Barry and Angie Sequeira

      Various sites around High Lane including        War Memorial/ Planters/ Library frontage                      

       Volunteers are welcome to assist with any of our projects please email contact@hlra.org.uk or david@hlra.org.uk if you wish to help                                                                                                               


              High Lane War Memorial

This area is well-maintained with flower beds and shrubs. Loyal volunteers sweep this area regularly, keeping it neat, tidy and strive to give it colour throughout the year. 
 Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) staff cleaned the immediate area around the monument as well as cleaning the inscriptions freeing it of surface dirt.  The names are now clearly visible for all visitors and residents alike to read as they pass by. Our Memorial area also has a 3-section plaque with names of the 120 soldiers who returned home.  An unusual but not unique feature however.  People feel a pride in seeing a family name listed and not only of those who perished.




Non-Native Invasive Plants

Co-ordinated by David Burks


There are three plants of concern- Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed. Sightings of these plants should be notified to the landowners or local council as appropriate. DO NOT attempt to remove these yourself it requires a trained specialist.

 These plants have been introduced to the UK from other countries. They compete with the native species of wild plants usually choking them, removing the light and in some cases being more attractive to pollinating insects and bees. Once the natural fauna is irradicated this will influence the animal and insect wildlife as their natural native food sources will have been removed

           jp hw hb

Recently Japanese Knotweed was discovered in Hartley Woods by a local lady walking her dog, fortunately the same lady is an expert in Invasive Plants, their identification and treatment. At no cost to the community these are now being treated. A big thank you to Val and her company.