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On 11th January 2017, an open "pathfinder meeting" was held at Windlehurst Church Hall in High Lane village. The meeting was promoted through the distribution of around 2000 leaflets in High Lane area and direct e-mails, announcements on social media and notifications through the High Lane Residents’ Association. This first meeting led to a follow up open meeting on 28th February 2017 where the needs and benefits of a neighbourhood forum were outlined to residents and the community were invited to set up a neighbourhood forum to provide a greater level of influence over future developments in High Lane.

High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum has now been formally designated and is beginning to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan for our area. The aim is to establish, in line with legislation, a clear long- term vision for the village. The plan, when formally approved by the Council, will form a key part of the framework the Council must take into account when considering any future plans for the village.  

When complete, the Plan will help shape our neighbourhood in respect of transport, greenspace, housing and heritage. All High Lane residents, local groups and businesses within the neighbourhood area can get involved. 


The planning themes for the NDP are:


• Looking at commuting and access.

• Assessing existing transport systems and anticipating future needs for public transport, cycling, parking and pedestrians.


• Looking at our future housing needs.

• Seeking the right type and scale of developments in the right place.


• Looking at our open green spaces

• To explore how we can enhance and safeguard our recreational and green assets.


• How to protect our history in the village

• Identifying, protecting and enhancing local heritage that is valued by the community


Timeline for HLVNF

This is the process being followed to make the Plan. At each stage residents have been encouraged to comment on the emerging Plan and responses have been noted.

The submission version along with supporting documents were approved by  SMBC. They  arranged a consultation and comments were duly noted. The Plan was then scrutinised by an Independent Examiner and amendments made. Due to Covid there was a short delay so the Independent Examiner completed his report in May/June.

The Plan has now been approved by various committees including Marple Area Committee and finally SMBC full council meeting on July 15th. 

The Referendum date was confirmed for 16th September. It was run by SMBC, as a local election, with voting booths at the Village Hall and the library. Polling cards were sent out to residents eligible to vote.


The result of the Referendum on the High Lane Neighbourhood Plan was an emphatic YES! The vote was 1050 Yes (92.35%) to 87 No (7.65%) and 3 Rejected papers, with a fantastic turnout of 29.9%. The village will now have a very important document to influence its future!


 The committee would like to thank the Residents' Association for their support over the four years it has taken to develop the plan, all the engagement and responses to our consultations and attendance at our events. 


They said that every vote mattered, and this scale of support will give them a strong mandate to use the Plan and Design Codes to represent the community in all future planning applications, consultations and master plans for the designated area. 

They are holding their AGM on Saturday 4th December 2-4pm. All welcome.






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