Reporting to the police


Please REPORT incidents of suspicious or illegal behaviour via using the online form or by phone on 0800 555 111. Even if it is too late to apprehend anyone it is still important that incidents are registered so that the level of incidents and the pattern are understood. You can report anonymously but please mention High Lane Village, Stockport and the report will come through to our PCSO and local team.

Neighbourhood Watch – to find out if a group is active near you or to set one up go to            Greater Manchester Police (@gmpolice) | Twitter

Community Speed-watch – The Residents Association has been working with local resident Alan James to press the police to enable to necessary training and equipment for this. A group of volunteers have signed up and we await police support to enable the group to operate. Covid has further delayed progress.

In response to concerns, in recent weeks police tell us, though people power is limited, they have upped their presence in the area and it is important that we keep reporting any activity that gives concern, with as much detail of dates, times and venue as possible. 


 From Marple Area Committee Meeting June 21  Progress on speed cameras and other recent actions.

Inspector Flavell reported to the committe they are looking at and pending a force decision, the community speed watch scheme could start in the near future.

High Lane has been choosen as a pilot within the Stockport area so will be the first. He is well aware that local residents are very keen on the scheme starting.

A man has been arrested in Marple in connection with a spate of burglaries in the area, after pleading guilty is now in prison.

A large quantity of cannabis was discovered at a premises on Cross Lane Marple, a man has been jailed.

Minutes for this meeting on SMBC site


Burglaries Are Occurring In Your Area.

Police tell us that High Lane remains one of the lowest crime communities in the area. Residential Burglary figures now include sheds and garages and all buildings within the boundary of or form part of a dwelling- vacant dwellings that meet definition of a building- other premises used for residential purpose ie houseboat, care home. It is classified as Burglary Residential and Burglary-Business and community

The main items that burglars are looking to take are cash jewellery and also vehicles.

· Document any jewellery you have photograph individual items this may be a requirement for your home insurance

· Keep the value of cash on your property to a minimum.

· Lock and secure your vehicle, keep keys away from windows and doors, consider getting better security for your vehicle, contact your dealer and check for software security updates on keyless entry systems, consider a tracker system, your car is ten times safer from theft if fitted with a security device. 75% of vehicle are stolen with keys via burglary.


IMMOBILISE UK National Property Register

Residents are urged to make their valuables less attractive to thieves by registering them free of charge at

The online database allows officers to search for lost or stolen items of identifiable property and is the world’s largest free register of possession ownership

Examples of items that can be registered include laptops, mobile phones, bikes, MP3 players, games consoles.