October AGM 23




High Lane Residents' Association

October 2023 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of the High Lane Residents’ Association

Held on 5th October at the village hall at 7pm

Present: David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Anne Walker, Caroline Smith, Barry Sequeira, Sue Forrester, Carole Gibson, Angie Sequeira, Darrell Williams, Stephen Price

Apologies: Geoff Gaskill


1)        Welcome and Introduction

David welcomed residents to the meeting on a wet October night and informed the residents that HLRA was founded 93 years ago in 1931 when it was known as High Lane Rate Payers Association. Their initial ambition was to provide a new infant school (originally on the site of Rejuvenate) and in 1950 a school was opened on Andrew Lane. Also access to Middlewood Station was on the agenda back then, something we are still working on!


2)        Chair’s Report

David spoke about the benefits of living in High Lane: low crime rate compared to other nearby areas; green spaces around the village; industrial heritage sites now amenities for everyone to enjoy eg the canal; Middlewood Way; parks and green spaces plus a fantastic community spirit for which David gave thanks.

He also pointed out the display boards showing projects achieved in High Lane recently. The Union Jack flower bed on the site of the old High Lane Station on Middlewood Way is one such project and thanks were given to Owen and Barry for watering and maintaining the site.

The air quality report on the A6 following the completion of the A555 trunk road complex was difficult to understand. Committee member Darrell analysed the report and discovered some possible discrepancies on how and when the data was gathered. Angela and Darrell have taken this matter to SMBC and as we understand it there will be another monitoring in 2024 (spring). Darrell’s report can be viewed on our website.

Work behind the scenes

The Chair pointed out the difficulties we often have in fulfilling projects, finding out who may own a particular piece of land, then getting permission, following their rules and safety policies, insurance, sometimes having to co-ordinate our work with the owner’s staff as well as dealing with the British weather, and then possibly having to re-arrange everything for another time.

This happened when we planned the Union Flag to be by the canal, because of difficulties we moved the project to Middlewood Way.

Next Tuesday 10th October the RA are supporting Cllr Aron Thornley who is arranging a Neighbourhood Watch talk at the Village Hall. HLRA are providing the paperwork and sponsoring the event.


3)        Treasurer’s Report

David reported that Barry will cease to be Treasurer for the RA at the end of this term – 31st October but he will continue as Treasurer for the War Memorial and for the collection from book sales at the surgery. A replacement for Barry - Geoff Gaskell – is waiting to be elected.

  1. Barry thanked residents for the distribution of the newsletter – copies were available at the venue or on the website.
  2. He reported that £2500.00 was collected in subs last year and thanked those who had already paid this year’s subscription fees. He also mentioned that subs can be paid using the new card reader.
  3. Barry reported that an amount of money – 3 figure sum – had been received and thanked the kindness of the person/people in question.
  4. The bookstall at the surgery is making around £60 per month which is used in the maintenance of the planters around High Lane by providing compost etc and thanks were given to those residents who care for them.
  5. The account stands at £2750.

4)        Update by Simon (PCSO)

Simon reported that the crime rate was very low compared to parts of Nth Manchester mainly abandoned vehicles and one instance of youths entering the church - which has to have open access - and causing some damage.

The Community Speed Watch on Andrew Lane has sent 200 letters to motorists who have exceeded the speed limit of 20mph. Volunteers from Wythenshawe who have a similar scheme were thanked for their support.

There has been no report as yet from the Hartington Road closure survey. It was remarked that the chicanes were continually being adjusted possibly by motorists/residents. Simon had been in attendance for part of the trial to stop all vehicles trying to cut through to the A6 and had received a great deal of abuse from motorists. David pointed out that there are only 4 PCSOs covering a huge area and it was not possible to have a police presence there all the time.

Traffic calming measures were discussed eg planters to act as chicanes or a one-way system. Councillor Shan Alexander reported that there is no funding available from Stockport Transport. Some residents are against the closure of Hartington Road to through traffic making it a resident’s only zone. One resident commented that it took him an average of 20 minutes to exit his road. Also, it was reported that motorists are illegally using Meadway as a cut through to the A6.

It was surmised that Stockport Council are looking at the bigger picture before submitting their report.

The heavy traffic passing through High Lane was discussed: the completion of the A555 bypass had brought more heavy goods vehicles from Manchester Airport through the village – the A6 through High Lane is unfit for purpose and the state of the road is suffering as a consequence. A survey pre-Covid counted as many as 2,800 heavy goods vehicles passing through High Lane. It was hoped that the air quality survey will show how much heavy traffic travels through the village. One resident asked why there shouldn’t be a by-pass to take the traffic away from the village and David remarked that it would probable cost around 28 billion pound plus there are more drivers now with families owning between 2- 3 cars between them. The clean-air act which is under review may also deter the amount of traffic through the village.


5)        Appointment of Executive Committee

David presented nominations to remain/join the Executive Committee as all posts expire on 31st October. All nominations were approved. (see below)

         Stephen is standing down from the position of secretary and Carole and Anne are also stepping down.

       They were presented with a gift of wine for Stephen and flowers for Carole and Anne.


6)        Appointment of Accounts Examiner

Verified by Robert – thanks were given by David.


7)        Other Business

ü  Donated railway books were available for people to take.

ü  Shan Alexander informed the residents of an eco-friendly event taking place at St Thomas Church on Saturday 14th October including a repair shop; a seamstress plus speakers from A Rocha and Climate Action Now SMBC.

ü  David reported that plans for the old Dog & Partridge to become a Sainsburys convenience store had been passed. Residents commented that this would bring more traffic to High Lane but would reduce the traffic going to Sainsburys Hazel Grove and Asda Marple. It was suggested that HLRA make contact with the Sainsburys chain so we could work together on this development. Electrical charging points will be provided, the RA at planning stage requested a public toilet within the store, and agreed with HLVNF on a façade similar to the surgery instead of an industrial-looking unit. David remarked that High Lane is in need of a good convenience store although some residents said that the smaller stores charge bigger prices.


8)        Guest Speakers: Peter from High Lane Cricket Club and Eve from Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Peter thanked David and the committee and also the facilities of the Village Hall. He told the residents how he had become involved with HLCC after Covid and grants had been obtained from the Cricket Board of £50.000. The monies have been put to good use by improving and maintaining the groundwork; a refurbished clubhouse with a bar licence; solar panels; new all-weather training areas and new changing rooms.

This season an overseas player had played for the club and HLCC had come 2nd from top in Division 2 of the Derbyshire & Cheshire league. Out of season part of the grounds are used by youth football teams of different ages and the plans for next season are to introduce an over 40’s team and a Ladies team so the facility is used 12 months of the year. Off field there are plans for the car park; a children’s play area; redevelopment of the score box and to improve the footpath area off the canal perhaps working with Cheshire Wildlife Trust on this.

A defibrillator was fitted a few weeks ago from the British Heart Foundation which is linked to the Northwest Ambulance Service. It is fitted at the canal end of the cricket pitch to benefit walkers and canal boaters alike.

Peter asked for volunteers for various jobs eg painting before the start of next season.

Eve from CWT spoke about the Rewilding Stockport Project accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. First of all she gave a brief history of her education and training and volunteer work that she had undertaken.

The Rewilding Stockport Project consists of 3 main objectives:

a)       Hedgehogs: Eve informed the residents that there has been a huge decline in the population of hedgehogs since 2022 and the public can help by encouraging and supporting hedgehogs in our gardens by opening up access through fences between gardens and recording hedgehog sightings or visits in our gardens using a footprint tunnel or cameras. Eve pointed out that there is a form on their website for anyone who wanted to take part in the project.

b)      Swifts: Swifts are now an endangered species due to new housing developments which don’t have the loft space where swifts like to nest and also a reduction in the insect population which is the swift’s main source of food. The public can get involved by logging swift sightings and attending CWT workshops to make your own swift box with free installation. They also offer a call box which attracts the swifts to your property.

c)       Pollinators: butterflies, moths, bees and wasps are in in decline due to rising temperatures, pollution and the use of pesticides. Eve gave some advice to residents on how to attract these species back to your garden: create a pollinator patch in your garden and plant with wildflower seeds and allow an area of grass in your garden to grow long. She suggested working with businesses and converting wasted spaces into attractive areas.

The Rewilding Stockport Project is funded by the National Lottery and there are a variety of leaflets available on how you can get involved eg let the Project know what you are doing to help in rewilding Stockport by social media and be identified as a RSP champion. Wildflower Woodland seeds and Bee and Butterfly seeds were available to take. One resident suggested growing the seeds initially in pots then planting them outside when established.

David thanked Eve for her presentation and looked forward to working with her.


9)      Raffle. The raffle was drawn by guest speaker Eve. The prizes consisted of a hamper from Home Instead; a voucher from the Red Lion; a bottle of vodka from The Royal Oak; a voucher from Marchington Stone; a bottle of gin donated by Peter Murray from High Lane Garage and further prizes donated by the HLRA Committee. Eryl thanked everyone for their kind donations.

David closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and to Peter and Eve the guest speakers. He also reminded residents of the Neighbour Watch meeting next Tuesday 10th October at The Village Hall and the Eco-friendly event at St Thomas’ Church on Saturday 14th October.


The HLRA next meets on Thursday 2nd November 2023 at High Lane Library 8.00pm




2023 – 2024   ALL ACCEPTED


David Burks


Eryl Hughes


Sue Forrester


Helen Richardson


Angie Sequeira


Barry Sequeira


Caroline Smith


Darrell Williams


John Baker





 Appointment of Officers to be ratified at the next Executive Committee Meeting