September 22 Minutes




MINUTES OF MEETING 1st September 2022, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: David Burks (Chair), Angie Sequeira, Barry Sequeira, Helen Richardson, Hilary Stephenson, Stephen Price (the Executive Committee); Cllr Shan Alexander and Residents

Apologies: Anne Walker, Darrell Williams, Eryl Hughes, Police Officer Matthew Mayers




The minutes of the last meeting were approved.



Police: Matthew was unable to attend the meeting but had given a report to David. A small increase in crime over the wider Marple area was reported, mainly theft of high performance vehicles and burglaries at empty properties, with a reminder to all to be vigilant.



Finance: Barry has prepared the draft accounts for the HLRA Year Ending 31 August 2022, these have been checked by the Scrutineer, Robert Taylor, and will be published at the AGM.

Following delivery of the Newsletter to all addresses in the village with an appeal for funds, Barry thanked those who have already paid subscriptions/donations including some generous contributions from some individual households, Marchington Stone and Coach House Garage. Receipts currently stand at £530 which is substantially down on previous years and it is hoped this will be supplemented at the AGM.



Local planning: Eryl’s report was printed on the agenda; no actions required. It was noted that the application for Orford Close is to be called before Area Committee.



Council actions – Shan reported on the actions brought forward from last month as follows:

a)       Dangerous parking of vehicles outside the social services property on Hartington Road blocking visibility at junction: the yellow lines have now been reinstated but the problem persists with cars now parking on the new yellow lines. David to ask Matt (GMP) to organise a patrol and follow this up.

b)      Rostherne Avenue and Rydal Avenue were not resurfaced with the rest of the Lakes roads: confirmed that these roads (together with Grasmere, Arnside and Woodside) are to be patch-repaired potentially with a view to surfacing with micro-asphalt at some future date.

c)       Removal of the speed humps on Windlehurst Road between the junctions with Andrew Lane and Torkington Road: funding has been approved and confirmation of a date for the work has been requested from Officers.

d)      Trial exercise of closing access to Hartington Road from Park Road (for a period of 6 weeks to monitor effect on rat-running) has been approved and confirmation of a date has been requested from Officers (HLRA request advance notice to help monitor the knock-on effect on other roads)

e)      Overgrown hedges and undergrowth blocking safe passage on footways along A6 and obscuring signs: the passageway between Thornway and Carr Brow has been dealt with, the area at the junction between Carr Brow and Park Road/ Hartington Road has not, possibly because these are on private land not council land. The suggestion was made to revive the “polite letter to householders” that was used with success in the past.

f)        Signs of oil potentially entering the stream behind residential properties on Andrew Lane (Ochreley Brook), possibly coming from motor business at Lomberhey Farm.   Environment Agency previously notified and council officers now advised.

g)       Dangerous parking of HGV’s on the pavement outside the Spar, Medical Centre and on the canal bridge, new kerbstones have been damaged and there is a safety risk generally.   David to ask Matt (GMP) to organise a patrol at lunchtimes to spot check and follow up.


























HLRA 90th anniversary weekend of 10th/11th September 2022 at High Lane Village Hall: flyers with timetable and full details have now been printed and are being posted on noticeboards and in businesses around the village:

Saturday 10 September:

11.00am – 4.30pm Exhibitions by local groups, fund raising and light refreshments, free entry

6.30pm – 11.00pm Hotpot supper, bar (beer, wine, soft drinks), local folk singer, cabaret and quiz, raffle – entry by ticket only: £10 each from Balloon Ur Room, 29 Buxton Road (cash only)

Sunday 11th September:

11.00 – 4.30pm Exhibitions by local groups, fund raising and light refreshments, free entry, including 2.00pm – 3.30pm Hawk Green Brass Band

All purchases etc will be cash only please, on the day and in advance

Any volunteers willing to help set up and assist at these events please contact David at















Marple Review: David is in touch with the editor to increase High Lane’s coverage in future editions




a)       Offer by Paul Vickers of Home Instead to speak about energy saving and dealing with scams, David to see if he will speak at the HLRA AGM on this

b)      Library car park: Warren and Alison made suggestions to increase use of the noticeboard for publicising HLRA, re-painting the steel frame of the noticeboard, clearing debris and weeds from the boundary wall – agreed that these should all be taken forward

c)       Private vehicle sales on public property: this is beginning to recur after being successfully addressed 12 months ago. Question raised concerning ownership of the verge adjacent the riding school which is currently being used for this (question for Karen Barnes?).




Next Meeting Thursday 6th October 2022 at 8pm High Lane Library

(Advance notice: there will be no Councillors at this meeting due to other commitments)