September 21 Minutes




MINUTES OF STEERING GROUP MEETING & ACTIONS – by Zoom – 2nd September 2021 8pm

Present: Angie Sequeira, Barry Sequeira, Darrell Williams, David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Hilary Stephenson, Stephen Price, Councillor Shan Alexander

Apologies: Anne Walker, Ian Carpenter




Towpath maintenance – Ian has agreed a proposed date of 10th September 2021 with C&RT for re-commencing maintenance sessions and has contacted the volunteers. Initially this would involve light work such as weeding and tidying



Improvements to benches – work now completed on the refurbishment of the bench near the Pharmacy, which is being well-used. Thanks expressed to Stuart for helping Barry complete the paving and providing the slabs.

Proposed joint-funded repair of the bench at Broadhurst Bridge with Hawk Green RA – Shan will contact Hawk Green RA






Refurbishment of bus shelter opposite the War Memorial – Barry has met with a local builder to assess the scope of work. Tomlinson Parbans have kindly agreed to provide the timber free of charge if the project is viable




Improvements to public right of way path between 71 & 75 Windlehurst Road – David to confirm permission from the landowner on his return so that we can ideally do the work before the winter




Library planting beds – Ian has spoken with Jonathan Headlam of Greenspace and agreed siting of new planters for the memorial roses



Signage/plaques identifying HLRA projects, etc – Ian to organise fixing in due course



Council issues:

a)       Overgrown hedges and verges on A6/Buxton Road – SMBC have responded, saying they are contacting relevant landowners; SMBC say they will only cut back overgrowth where this represents a safety hazard (not where it is simply “unsightly”). Noted that some road signs are obscured as well as footpaths being difficult/unsafe to use to present

b)      Missing bollard at the pedestrian refuge near Alders Green Road/A6 junction – SMBC have now acknowledged this

c)       Broken/over-filled dog waste bin on Hartington Road – now actioned and a replacement bin has been promised

d)      Library car park fly tipping – to be checked on site prior to further reports being made




Local planning – Eryl’s latest report has been circulated separately. Follow-ups:

a)       Eryl to speak to SMBC tree officer regarding TPO’s for Hartley Woods and any other trees potentially affected by the proposed Co-op development at the Dog and Partridge site

b)      262 Windlehurst Road – (potential implications in relation to green belt encroachment and traffic concerns) Hilary has written to SMBC, still no response





Stockport Local Plan – Shan has attended SMBC’s awareness sessions but the information on housing shortfall is currently too vague to be able to comment upon. A formal consultation will take place at some future point



High Lane Neighbourhood Plan – David has publicised the Open Day being held on 4th September and the Referendum taking place on 16th September 2021, to encourage as many residents as possible to vote and hopefully support the Plan. Details on the HLRA and HLVNF websites



Police –

a)       Hilary and Shan will both contact the local police inspector/PCSO concerning the dangerous practice of vehicles (often lorries) exiting left at the end of the A555 then performing u-turns on the A6 to avoid the queueing traffic in the right turn lane.

b)      PCSO to be invited to the HLRA AGM and asked if they would like to resume the provision of regular local information for inclusion on our website







Finance – Barry has submitted the annual accounts to Tom Jackson for scrutiny prior to the AGM.



HLRA AGM 2021 –

a)       Booked for 7pm Thursday 21st October 2021 at High Lane Village Hall.

b)      Guest speakers agreed:

  1. Ben Alexander – Marple Green Energy Project
  2. Paul Kenneth – U3A (brief intro only)
  3. TBA – High Lane WI (Hilary to invite for brief intro)

c)       Refreshments – Hilary to speak to Peter Stephens







Other items:

a)       HLRA 2021 Newsletter - Hilary to see if this can be written in time for distribution before the AGM

b)      Eryl has asked for an agenda item at the next meeting to debate/revisit ideas for alleviating the ever-growing problem of traffic congestion through the village

c)       Friends of High Lane Park are holding a Film Night at High Lane Cricket Club on 18th September 2021 to raise funds – details publicised on HLRA website

d)      St Thomas’ Church are holding an Eco Awareness Day with stalls etc on 30th October 2021, details to be posted HLRA website







Next Steering Group Meeting Thursday 7th October 2021 at 8pm (via Zoom)

The reintroduction of open meetings is deferred until after the AGM