November 23 Minutes




High Lane Residents' Association


November 2nd Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of High Lane Residents’ Association

Date: 2nd November 2023                                                                     Time: 8pm

Venue: High Lane Library

Present: Helen Richardson; Caroline Smith; John Baker; Sue Forrester and members of the Residents Association

Apologies: David Burks; Barry Sequeira; Angie Sequeira; Eryl Hughes; Cllr Shan Alexander

  1. Welcome given by Helen Richardson (Acting Chair in the absence of David Burks)


  1. Minutes of the last meeting – approved


  1. Police Report (SpeedWatch) – Jason Holmwood (Area Lead Sergeant) and PC Iain Weir.

-       Jason gave a report on the Speed Watch campaign that took place over a period of 3 months on Andrew Lane: A team of 4 volunteers took part in the campaign headed up by Alan [the Speed Watch co-ordinator for High Lane]. The data showed that 5% of vehicles passing through the area were over the speed limit – 27mph in a 20mph which is in place zone because of the school and the area is highly residential. Consequently, for a 1st and 2nd offence drivers are sent an advisory letter and if a 3rd speeding offence occurs a home visit by the police is put into operation. He informed the residents that the police will be planning another Speed Watch in the area.

-       Crime statistics for the area are relatively low.

-       Incidents of anti-social riding on off-road bikes are quite prominent and the police would ask residents to make a note of any incidents they come across. Jason warned residents not to approach the youths or try and stop them speeding to avoid any injuries to themselves.

-       Jason advised residents about home security on these dark nights eg. locking up their homes and using security lighting – further information and support is available from the police

Questions and comments from residents were asked for:

        I.            Ongoing problem of traffic on the A6 causing more vehicles to use Meadway and Thornway as a cut through - on average 6000 vehicles per week travelling at speed mostly from 6am to 9am in the morning and then after 3pm. This has been going on for 4 years since to A555 has been in use. Vehicles trying to avoid heavy traffic on the A6 also use Carr Brow coming over from Jacksons Edge travelling at speed and there have been reports of near misses involving pedestrians and occasionally horses. One resident suggested that the 20mph on Andrew Lane was too low making it more dangerous and another resident commented that speed bumps on Andrew Lane had wrecked his car and that people were using smaller side roads to avoid the speed bumps.

      II.            The temporary installation of bollards on Hartington Road were reported as being a fiasco with drivers getting out of their cars to move them out of the way. A resident reported speaking to Cllr Shan Alexander and she had suggested that due to the plans for the HS2 northern section being abandoned there will be money to be spent on transport links and that Stockport Council should be exploring the idea of a by-pass.

    III.            A resident also asked if there were any car vandalism hotspots in High Lane and gave details on where he had been in his car and the damage that had occurred. Jason replied that as far as he knew there weren’t any hotspots in the area and that it was probably an unfortunate incident.

    IV.            It was reported that there had been some incidents of vans being broken into whereby the perpetrator/s had used a tool to cut round the lock in order to gain access. Jason advised that any tools should be removed from vans and van owners should park in well-lit places and perhaps install more secure locks. He said that these incidents are often opportunistic crimes as anyone walking round carrying tools would look suspicious and could be arrested.

      V.            A resident reported incidents of youths gathering and possibly smoking cannabis or drug dealing around High Lane – Fairacres Road; Hartley Woods; Brookside Park. Jason suggested that witnesses should phone Crimestoppers on 101 or go online and fill in an online report stating location; any vehicle registration numbers involved and the number of individuals and asked for more people to report any anti-social or intimidating behaviour which would be directed to the Neighbourhood Crime Response Team. There had been an incident of a resident having his bike stolen. He had reported it to the police and the incident was closed. He mentioned that he had later found his bike in the possession of a gang of youths and a member of his family had taken photos of the individuals. He asked Jason about the legalities of posting these images on social media but he advised against it as it breached the Data Protection rules. As a consequence, it was suggested that a police car could occasionally patrol the area looking for anti-social behaviour. Jason stated that the only intervention strategies they could employ would be a warning to any persons involved in anti-social behaviour activities but he would ask the Police Commander for Stockport to look into it.

    VI.            A resident at the meeting asked if there was any CCTV outside the library as youths had been seen climbing on the roof and had dislodged the drainpipe. Helen advised the resident to ask the library staff. Jason also asked if there were any facilities for young people in High Lane eg a Youth Club and the reply was in the negative.




  1. Finances – in Barry’s absence John introduced himself as Treasurer in waiting and had received a report from Barry that so far 99 donations had been received for which 41 should be provided with a receipt based on the amount donated. The total received at the time of speaking is £970 – however more is continuing to come in and Barry reported that this is usual and normally continues until the New Year. John said that we are down on the contributions to date compared with last year but given the current circumstances affecting everyone’s finances that’s really not surprising. On behalf of the meeting John wished Barry and Angela a speedy recovery.

A resident questioned the appointment of the new treasurer and said he wasn’t aware that Geoff Gaskell had declined the position due to other commitments. John apologised and clarified that he would by taking over the position of Treasurer from Barry.


  1. Planning – nothing new to report


  1. Progress


a)      Speed Bumps on Windlehurst Road– a stretch of road from Andrew Lane to Torkington Lane have had the speed bumps removed. David had suggested that a future Speed Watch could take place on Windlehurst Road in the area where they have been removed.

b)      Footpath Exit onto the A6 – Thornway Avenue. This exit is a driveway to 2 houses before it reaches the avenue part of which is pedestrianised. David had been told that the exit is compliant with council standards ,but he is asking for a review on this as it may meet their standard but is it dangerous? There have been reports of near misses with children who go to a childminder on Thornway Avenue. There is no obvious signage and the area is screened by bushes and vehicles have been seen to be parked on the A6 either side of the exit making reducing the visibility of people exiting the passage. Residents at the meeting suggested erecting a barrier on the pavement side similar to the ones outside school gates.

Action Point: David to meet with councillors to discuss this matter further.

c)      The strip of land on the corner of Middlewood Road – David reported that this will be actioned as soon as possible, weather and labour permitting in line with Eve’s (CWT) presentation at the AGM and the meeting between himself and Liz (at the time leader of the small group protesting)


  1. AOB

-          Clarification was asked for of the new treasurer which was given.

-          Alan asked for volunteers for any future Speed Watches – there needs to be a team of 4 and said he wouldn’t take part in another Speed Watch on Andrew Lane as there are other roads that could benefit from the exercise. He also mentioned that Jason wouldn’t commit at this meeting to naming roads that would be part of any future Speed Watch campaigns.

-          A resident asked if there was any update on the trees at the back of the church? There are 5 to 6 trees with red and white tape around them which are due to be removed and permission from the Chester Diocese had been received. A full survey of all the trees behind the memorial is needed. Steve Billings from Marchington Stone is liaising with the church warden.

                               Next Meeting Thursday 7th December 8.00pm at Village Library