November 21 Minutes



MINUTES OF MEETING 4th November 2021, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: Steering Group - Angie Sequeira, David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Helen Richardson, Hilary Stephenson, Stephen Price, and 5 Members

Apologies: Anne Walker, Barry Sequeira, Darrell Williams, Ian Carpenter, Peter Howard




HLRA Executive Committee matters – Officer positions for the forthcoming year were confirmed as follows:

a)       Chair: Hilary Stephenson has decided to stand down from the position of Chair but will continue to be a member of the Steering Group. Thanks are recorded to Hilary for her contribution over her 5 years as Chair.

David Burks will now take the position of Chair.

b)      Treasurer: Barry Sequeira will continue as Treasurer

c)       Secretary: Stephen Price will continue as Secretary

Helen Richardson was welcomed back to the Executive Committee/Steering Group.



HLRA Projects:

a)       Towpath maintenance – now resumed and taking place second Friday of each month initially confined to catching up with tidying, weeding, etc. Eryl noted the extent of overgrowth into the canal between Andrew Lane and Keswick Road bridges which will probably need to be tackled from the canal by C&RT, rather than the volunteers

b)      Proposed joint-funded repair of the bench at Broadhurst Bridge – awaiting feedback from Cllr Alexander as to whether Hawk Green RA are willing to contribute

c)       Signage/plaques identifying HLRA projects, planting boxes for memorial roses, etc – Ian has this work in hand and has ordered backing boards

d)      Refurbishment of bus shelter opposite the War Memorial – Barry has arranged for Paul Travis to prepare a scope of work with possible input from Stuart. Tomlinson Parbans have kindly agreed to provide the timber free of charge if the project is viable. Volunteers will be required for carpentry work and painting etc.

e)      Improvements to public right of way path between 71 & 75 Windlehurst Road – David will continue to liaise with the Walk Ride Group and the landowner but any work will now have to be done after the winter. We need to aim for a similar model to the towpath work where HLRA provides labour/materials but under the supervision of a responsible organisation such as SMBC and the Walk Ride Group. Noted there are concerns about the current lack of suitably experienced and able volunteers for this type of work. An appeal for volunteers to be made nearer the time.






Cllr Shan Alexander


Council actions:

a)       Overgrown hedges and verges on A6/Buxton Road – SMBC have acknowledged, but the cutting back is still to be completed. Angie has written to Cllr Thornley with photographs to illustrate that some road signs are obscured and footpaths difficult/unsafe to use. Noted that the hedges at the top of Carr Brow (Thornway side) and at the bottom of Carr Brow on the bend towards Disley are to be added to this list for action.

b)      Missing bollard at the pedestrian refuge near Alders Green Road/A6 junction – SMBC have acknowledged this but the work has still not been done (only temporary signage put in place)

c)       Blocked gullies on A6 Buxton Road near St Thomas Church, Disley direction – these are regularly flooding and require attention

d)      Can we have an update on the consultation concerning speed humps on Windlehurst Road and timing of any work please

e)      Councillors attendance in person is to be encouraged now open meetings have resumed

SMBC / Councillors to follow up please


Local planning – monthly report has been circulated separately. Follow-ups:

a)       Eryl has spoken to SMBC’s tree officer regarding TPO’s for Hartley Woods and any other trees potentially affected by the proposed Co-op development at the Dog and Partridge site. To be followed up when the planning application is made (expected within the next few weeks)

b)      262 Windlehurst Road – (potential implications in relation to green belt encroachment and traffic concerns) Hilary has written to SMBC, still no response








High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum: this year’s AGM is being held Saturday 4th December 2021 at High Lane Village Hall 2pm – 4pm, all residents and local businesses are encouraged to attend and support the Forum now that the Village Neighbourhood Plan has been approved



Police matters:

a)       Alan James reiterated concerns in relation to the delays to the roll-out of the community speedwatch scheme by GMP, having been under discussion at various levels since 2019 and despite support from the High Lane community being provided as and when requested. Alan has cited the community project currently supported by Cheshire Police in Holmes Chapel and has obtained information on the equipment being used.   We cannot do anything here which is not led and supported by GMP. Latest from Inspector Flavell is that High Lane is to be the first and only community in Stockport to be included in the GM roll-out, but there is still no detail as to when this will happen. Alan asked again for attendance and visibility of the police in the Village to support this. Alan stated an intention to bring this matter to the attention of the media/regional TV news if there is no response from GMP by February 2022. David offered to contact Inspector Flavell/PCSO Appleyard to request a meeting, at any time, if they are unable to attend a timetabled HLRA meeting.

b)      David pointed out that deterrents to speeding have to be considered in the round, not just the speedwatch scheme alone. Noted for example that there are currently no road markings, cushions or 20mph markings on Meadway following the recent top coating of the road surface (which appears to have further encouraged speeding)

c)       It is accepted that the general response from the police on other (e.g. emergency) matters is good, but liaison and communication at community level is below the standard expected, and previously provided.













Finance: previous account balance £3,058 with £160 new subscriptions to add giving £3,218. Members who attended the AGM and paid subscriptions are thanked for their support.  

Subscriptions are substantially down on previous years. Agreed that a Spring Newsletter will hopefully generate some income to help fund our ongoing and planned work



Other business:

a)       Japanese knotweed in Hartley Woods – a local specialist has offered to treat this free of charge

b)      Remembrance Sunday – Colin Doran will lay the wreath on behalf of HLRA this year

c)       Proposed GM Clean Air Zone – Helen raised a query concerning the implication of proposed charging on commercial vehicle owners such as local small businesses (Darrell to be asked if research can be done on this)

d)      Parking at Doctors Surgery – Anne has raised the concern that parking by non-surgery vehicles is preventing surgery attendees from parking. Noted that as this is a private car park , only the Surgery can act to stop or discourage this

e)      Thanks recorded to Cllr Thornley and Steve Billinge for tackling the recent graffiti









Next Meeting Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 8pm at High Lane Library