November 2022 AGM Minutes



Minutes of the AGM of the High Lane Residents’ Association

Held on 7th November 2022 at the village hall at 7pm.

Present: David Burks, Helen Richardson, Hilary Stephenson, Barry Sequeira, Angela Sequeira, Eryl Hughes

Apologies: Stephen Price, Anne Walker, Darrell Williams


1) Welcome and Introductions

David welcomed residents to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance on a damp November evening. Claire was thanked for taking the minutes in Stephen’s absence.

2) Chair’s Report

David thanked the RA committee very warmly for their hard work throughout the year and for the “unsung heroes” of High Lane who keep the village clean, attractive and tidy throughout the year. He also thanked the committee of the village hall for their support this evening and their help with the concerts arranged by the RA during the year.

David outlined work, often behind the scenes, done by the RA members for example:

(i) communicating with the police and local councillors and others on a regular basis. In the meetings held at the library, police and councillors are often in attendance. As a result of this there has been a greater police presence in High Lane over the last year – our community police officer has managed to get final year police students patrolling our area. Having said that, David stated that crime rates in High Lane are low compared to national figures and to figures in other areas of Stockport. However he acknowledged that vigilance is essential to maintain a safe community.

(ii) The bollards at crossing points on the A6 had all been knocked over. They have all now been restored due to the RA working with your councillors.

(iii) The 199 bus which had been reduced in frequency has now been restored to a full service due to the RA working with local councillors and possible objections from communities on the route.

(iv) The RA made a contribution to the removal of the fallen tree in St Thomas church grounds. No insurance claim was possible so the church faced a hefty bill.

(v) The Memorial Garden in High Lane park is kept immaculate by a small group of RA helpers . The money to buy plants for this is funded entirely by the book sales in the doctors’ surgery . The whole community is thanked for supporting this scheme.

(vi) Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester was invited by the RA to see for himself the traffic issues in High Lane. He met RA members and local councillors at the junction of Middlewood Road and the A6. It was pointed out to him that although High Lane is part of Greater Manchester the area has no Greater Manchester bus. It is possible that the 192 may be extended to High Lane.

(vii) Litter picking is organised by RA members twice a year. David thanked the organisers and the volunteers who come to help.

(viii) The Library Gardens have been maintained by the RA with commemorative planting for people who died this year and who had made a significant contribution to the improvement of village life.

(ix) In September the RA organised a weekend of celebration to mark the Queen’s Jubilee . It was well supported by local residents and greatly enjoyed. It included a concert on the Saturday evening with Sisters in Song and Ken Jackson singing , (both giving their services for free) afternoon tea on the Sunday and a concert by Hawk Green Brass Band .

(x) David thanked people very much for their subscriptions which enable the work outlined to happen. There was a very good response to the subscription appeal which went out through the RA newsletter . Subscriptions can also be taken this evening-£5 is a suggested amount or whatever people feel able to give.

(xi) David reminded people that the RA belongs to the community and new people are always very welcome. It is not necessary to be on the committee to contribute ideas or particular skills or expertise for a project. The Association’s regular meetings take place once a month in the library meeting room and new people and ideas are invited and welcomed.

3) Treasurer’s Report

Barry Sequeira went through the accounts. (See attached) .

(i) Subscriptions up to May 2022 were £675. Subscriptions from August to 31 October 2022 (including a single donation of £250 from Marchington Stone) were £2550. Marchington Stone have been given a framed certificate of thanks for their generous donation.

(ii) The RA’s income comes almost entirely via the Newsletter and the tear –off slip at the back. 2000 newsletters are delivered by volunteers in September and the 200 or so returned have yielded the income alluded to for which many thanks.

(iii) The donation to the church of £500 was given after discussion with the vicar and realising the huge cost of clearing the mess from the fallen tree.

(iv) The Owl in Hartley woods has been restored to excellent condition . It should last for many more years.

(v) The subscription to Marple Civic Society means committee members may attend their meetings and keep informed on relevant happenings in the area.

(vi) 4 quotes were obtained for the printing to get the best value.

(vii) The balance of the account as of 7th November is £3149. There is £1317 in the War Memorial Fund. This income arises solely from book donations from the table in the doctor’s. Many thanks for residents’ generous donations.

(viii) Barry invited people to talk to him at the interval with any comments, questions or words of advice. He announced that he will be retiring from the Treasurer’s position in 2023.

(4) Appointment of Executive Committee

The following committee members have been nominated and agree to stand again this year:

David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Helen Richardson, Stephen Price, Anne Walker, Darrell Williams, Angela Sequeira, Barry Sequeira

Carole Gibson is a new committee member who has volunteered her services and who is warmly welcomed to the committee.

There were no objections to the nominations so the committee members were all instated.

Retirement of Committee Member

Hilary Stephenson,  past Chair of the RA for many years is standing down tonight. Hilary told us she first joined the Committee of the RA in 1981 so has been involved for nearly 40 years, although she spent some years working in London she kept an interest in High Lane.

She was thanked very much for her contribution to the village and presented with flowers on behalf of the Residents’ Association.

(5) Appointment of Accounts Examiner

Robert Taylor has agreed to continue with this role. David thanked him very much for this.

(6) Other Business

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

The following amendments were proposed by David:

  • Some of the language in the Constitution needs updating for example chairman will become Chair
  • The area covered by the RA will be the political ward boundaries which our councillors represent
  • The number on the Committee will be maximum 11 which seems small enough to get things done yet enough to allow for a wide range of opinions to be expressed.
  • The position of Vice Chair is to be named in the Constitution to allow for the Chair’s occasional absence.
  • 28 days notice is to be required if a member does not wish to stand for re-election
  • In exceptional circumstances Committee meetings may be held by Zoom

There were no objections raised to any of the proposals , they were passed unanimously so the motion was carried. David said he was happy to answer any questions on the running of the RA. There were no questions asked.

Any Other Items

No other business was raised.

(7) Guest Speaker

Paul Vickers, Managing Director of Home Instead in High Lane, delivered a talk with slides entitled: Protecting Seniors from Fraud/Scams. He spoke with great clarity giving examples of how easily people can become victims of scams and outlining strategies to avoid becoming a victim, in particular:  


  • to step back mentally and think before taking any action;
  • not allowing yourself to be pressured into anything; and
  • speaking to a family member or a friend if you have any concerns or anxiety.

Paul recommended reading the Santander Scam information sheet which can be found on its website and can be read by anyone irrespective of whether they are a Santander customer.  (This can be found on our website  under news tab)

He said any further questions can be emailed to him at Home Instead or can be sent to David who would forward them

(8) Refreshments were then served followed by a guest performance by High Lane U3A Choir who sang a varied and most enjoyable range of songs

David thanked the Choir very much for their performance and the evening ended with the drawing of the Raffle which included a hamper kindly provided by Home Instead

David wished people a safe journey home and reiterated his invitation to High Lane residents or workers to become involved at any level in the RA. They would be made very welcome.

The RA next meets on

   Thursday 1st December 2022 at THe Village Library 8.00pm.