January 22 Minutes




MINUTES OF MEETING 6th January 2022, 8pm via Zoom

Present: Angie Sequeira, Anne Walker, Barry Sequeira, Darrell Williams, David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Helen Richardson, Hilary Stephenson, Stephen Price; Cllr Aron Thornley




The minutes of the last meeting were approved



Finance: Barry confirmed there had been no transactions in the month other than book sales at the Surgery for the War Memorial Fund. The account balance therefore remains at £2,819.  



Actions from last meeting:

a)       Mobile speed indicator – Aron advised that Cllr Shan Alexander will follow up on the request to have one of the council-owned speed indicators sited for a period on Thornway/Meadway.


b)      Overgrown hedges on Carr Brow – SMBC have responded with photographs saying that they consider no further action is necessary. This is to be challenged because, although some hedges appear to have been cut back, some are still making it unsafe for pedestrians to use the footpath. Aron agreed to inspect and follow up with council officers.


c)       3No missing/damaged illuminated bollards on the A6 (one at the pedestrian refuge near Alders Green Avenue junction and two near the Royal Oak) – SMBC have acknowledged this but are not treating it as a priority. David has responded highlighting the safety concerns. Aron agreed to inspect, take photographs and follow up with council officers (David to forward correspondence to Aron)














Village car parks: follow-up on concerns about parking policy generally

a)       Village Hall – Aron outlined the ongoing discussions regarding expanding the parking provision and dealing with concerns about vehicles driving on the footpath (item 8(a) of December 2021 meeting). The current proposal is for circa 10 additional spaces but it is acknowledged that this is not sufficient to resolve the longer-term problem with often insufficient spaces for events at the Hall when the car park is being used for residential parking. Aron confirmed that councillors intend to keep pressure on the council but the view is that we do not want the village to become a pay and display area.   Noted that the situation has been exacerbated by restrictions on use of the private car park at the Conservative Club which has also led to more on-street parking.


b)      Library Car Park – increasingly this car park is full even when the Library itself is empty.   Aron agreed to initially speak to staff at the garage and adjacent businesses to identify owners of parked vehicles and ask for spaces to be left vacant during Library hours.















a)       Ongoing and as discussed at previous meeting


b)      Aron was thanked for the Spring bulbs, half have been given to Ian for planting on the canal towpath and David has planted the remainder in Hartley Woods





Local planning:

a)       Eryl’s monthly report circulated separately. Eryl to write a follow up letter to the council regarding the re-submission of plans for the land adjacent 262 Windlehurst Road, emphasising our concerns in relation to the setting of a potential precedent for building on Green Belt land. (Hilary to send previous correspondence to Eryl)





Other business:

a)       HLRA 90th anniversary (2021) – suggestions were discussed for commemorating this by production of a village booklet similar to those of 2001, 1981, and potentially an event similar to the previous village exhibition where other local organisations could showcase their work. David will arrange a separate meeting to discuss in detail.  


b)      Proposed amendments to HLRA Constitution – David will circulate a draft to Steering Group members prior to the next meeting.


c)       HLRA Steering Group areas of responsibility were reviewed and will be updated on the website in due course.


d)      GM Clean Air Zone – questions are beginning to arise from residents now that signage is being fixed in the village. Darrell will provide an overview of the scheme at the next meeting and was asked to discuss a joint position with HLVNF. Aron advised that residents should be directed to the published information and any questions/concerns raised directly with the relevant authority or councillors.


e)      Land at the corner of Buxton Road (behind Broadwood Close, opposite Carr Brow) – a resident has suggested a potential project for low-maintenance landscaping improvements to enhance this site. Agreed that this should be actively considered if ownership of the land can be determined. Aron agreed to try and find this out and may also be able to provide help from his own team of volunteers.




















Next Meeting Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 8pm (at High Lane Library - subject to confirmation)