January 24 Minutes


High Lane Residents' Association

January 4th Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of High Lane Residents’ Association

Date: 4th January 2024                                                                 Time: 8pm

Venue: High Lane Library

Present: David Burks; Eryl Hughes; Caroline Smith; John Baker; Darrell Williams; Barry Sequiera; Sue Forrester and members of the Residents Association

Apologies: John Baker and Angela Sequiera

  1. Welcome given by David Burks. David wished all present a Happy New Year and gave a brief explanation of the fire regulations


  1. Minutes of the last meeting – approved


  1. Finances by John and Barry. In the absence of John, Barry reported that the HLRA finances were much the same as at the last meeting. The War Memorial account received monies totalling £90 in December and the account stands at just over the £2000 mark now. Barry spoke about the application to set up a bank account with Lloyds. The bank had received the application but because of an incorrect email address the application was cancelled. Barry, John and Eryl plan to meet again to put forward a second application. David offered his help in the event of choosing another bank.


  1. Planning applications by Eryl

a)      Dog & Partridge DC/ 084061 Discharge of conditions 2,3,10,17,19,22,23 Ref to DO/ 090540.

Concerns: Bus stop directly opposite entrance & exit. Also opposite access to Vicarage Close, Russell Avenue, Alderdale Drive. With the increased traffic both ways on the A6 after the opening of the A555. This could lead to a very congested area.

Conditions: 2 - demolition of PH; 3 - Archaeology survey; 10 - Existing buildings not demolished until a contract for carrying out development has been agreed; 10 &23 -Needs a construction environment management plan -- impact concerning air quality and noise on existing residents during demolition and construction; 19 - No development to take place until non-invasive Rhododendron and 3 cornered garlic have been removed; 22 - No development until an updated ecological survey is approved.




b)      Small holding to the East of Wybersley Rd DC/ 080379. Replacement and erection of a new mess room and restoration and repair of existing farmyard. There has been a bat survey undertaken and no evidence found but be aware when demolishing the old building and if bats are found work to stop and advice sought from licenced bat consultants. 

c)      89 Andrew Lane DC/ 090563. Partial car port conversion to living accommodation.

d)      Roselaya Buxton Rd DC/083916. House listed for sale but has a building plot with  planning permission for a detached luxury bungalow.  

  1. Reporting Back

  Thanks were received from the Santa Tour for our donation of sweets. The receipt has been passed to John

  David thanked all involved with planting over 100 bulbs in various locations around the village

  The report on Hartington Road had been distributed to Hartington Road subscribers. The report showed that vehicles avoiding Hartington Road at the time of the road blocks, didn’t gain on time or distance by using short cuts. There was a discussion on how restricted access can affect other parts of the village. Other points put forward were the possibility of installing a “No Access” sign from 6am to 10am but a question was raised - “what is access?” Would any vehicle users not resident on Hartington Road and ignoring the “No Access” sign be insured in case of an accident? Also the installation of a speed camera was discussed but would it need permission from the police as it is a public space?

  David confirmed that Hartley Woods is cared for jointly by the HLRA and SMBC. There had been some tree lopping in the area recently and it was pointed out that the subsequent wood chippings could be used by the village.

  David reported that a request for Speed-watch volunteers had been put on the HLRA Facebook page but there had been no response to date. A resident at the meeting said that a neighbour had approached Alan (the Speed-watch coordinator) with an offer of help.

6    A.O.B

  • The proposed nature reserve on the corner of Middlewood Road. David is following advice given by Eve Taylor from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and is waiting for better weather before the project gets under way. David is to ask the CWT what is suitable to plant now and he pointed out that it should look like a well-maintained and cared for area
  • 30 volunteers had put their names forward for various tasks at the last AGM – the majority were for gardening eg planting and weeding. GoodGym had volunteered for any heavy work. The site for the proposed sunflower display on High Lane station would need clearing – it was suggested that the task could be delegated to GoodGym. Volunteers are needed for week 3 of each month for the memorial planters – about 2 hours per month. David will email the interested parties and he also offered to show them what to do.
  • David had discovered HLRA minutes from 1996 which he will bring to the next meeting. They include a guarantee from the House of Parliament that a bypass would be built from Hazel Grove golf course to 17 windows to take traffic and vehicle pollution away from the village. A discussion took place about traffic on the A6 which flows faster when motorists refuse to let people in form side roads. Drivers are still avoiding Windlehurst Road because of the speedbumbs. Motorists are using more fuel by slowing down and speeding up on the road and more exhaust fumes are emitted when traffic is at a stand still on the A6. An improved bus service around the area including Marple and High Lane would be beneficial to reduce traffic through the village with all GMT and High Peak buses stopping at the Park & Ride Hazel Grove. David had put forward various proposals to the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham who is in charge of public transport for the region and the possibility of making a case for a new and improved bus service with increased frequency was discussed with the option of posting a survey on Facebook and the possibility of a new transport franchise to be introduced.
  • A group of residents have reported that there have been some instances of drug use and dealing on Fairacres Road. The police were informed and did attend. The incidents are being reported and logged by the residents and there is concern that these incidents are happening near the primary school. It was suggested that contact was made with the Head of the school. During one incident a package had been dropped and picked up by a resident and it was suggested that Sgt Holmwood was contacted to arrange a possible analysis of the package. Another suggestion was to include the police on the mailing list for HLRA minutes so they were kept informed of these instances.
  • There is to be a road closure of the road leading down to Brookside Farm from 20/01 to 09/02. It will be remedial work to the trackside part of the road and both road and footbath will be closed during that time.
  • A resident reported that pavement areas on the corner of Park Road have recently been tarmacked and the workmanship appears to be extremely shoddy.
  • A resident reported that people were taking dogs in the playground and questioned whether this was allowed?
  • It was noted that there are often large trucks parked in the laybys by the entrance to the Middlewood Way often obstructing the 199 bus stop on one side of the A6 and also limiting the space for other motorists to park who want to use the Middlewood Way for leisure purposes. There is a large white van that has been parked for a few months on the bus stop layby side and at the time of typing the minutes up, it is still there. David advised residents to use the Stockport Council website as a link to other services when wanting to report any concerns or problems.