January 23 Minutes


Minutes of Meeting of High Lane Residents’ Association

Date: 5/01/2023                 Time: 8pm                       Venue: High Lane Library

Present: David Burks, Helen Richardson, Anne Walker, Barry Sequeira, Eryl Hughes, Darrell Williams(Committee)

Claire Porterfield, Muriel Shepley, Colin Doran, Beryl Hatton, PC Matt Mayers, PCSO Simon Carr

1) Apologies: Stephen Price, Angela Sequeira, Councillor Shan Alexander, Carol Gibson.

2) The minutes of the previous meeting were approved

3) Police Report by PC Matt Mayers and PCSO Simon Carr

(a) There were two burglaries reported in High Lane between 5th -18th December which is a low number compared to other areas across the borough. A higher number were reported in Marple several being opportunistic burglaries where doors had been left unlocked and one where a house was unoccupied. The police advise continuous vigilance, leaving lights on when out of the house and a radio with timer on set to a talk station like Radio 4. A top range vehicle was stolen before Christmas in Marple using a scanning device. A piece of advice was to put your car key into a tin and not leave it close to the front door to prevent thieves being able to use scanning devices.

(b) A question was asked about the presence of foot patrols in High Lane. PC Mayers said this was not an efficient use of police time . Regarding burglaries, he stated police in unmarked cars and plain clothes had a much better chance of catching thieves.

(c) A Neighbourhood Week of Action will be taking place on 23rd January which aims to identify where the worst cases of anti social behaviour occur in local neighbourhoods. The general feel of the meeting was that High Lane Park is probably where this mainly occurs. A police presence there improved the situation last year and the winter has also had a deterrent effect .

Action: Residents who wish to report Anti social behaviour should contact David via the website.

(d) Community Speed Watch Scheme: The police are interviewing for people to participate in the Community Speed Watch in High Lane. Disappointingly , very low numbers of people have applied to be considered. PC Mayers stated it is a responsible role in which volunteers are representing the police . A question about the removal of speed humps on Windlehurst Road was asked. It was stated there is agreement for a number of humps between the Andrews Lane junction and Torkington Lane to be removed.

(e) There were a number of questions about poor parking. The police advised contacting the parking warden at the Council if the parking is causing an obstruction either to pedestrians or other vehicles by obscuring views or making access on the road dangerous.

(f) Scam Leaflet for Seniors: Barry distributed copies of a leaflet produced by Paul Vickers at Home Instead giving comprehensive advice on recognising scams targeting older people and supporting friends/relatives to avoid them. It can be found at the link below:


(g) Police Surgery

The police officers are interested in running a monthly police surgery possibly starting at 7.30pm in the library on the same evening as the Residents’ Association Meeting , thereby attracting people to attend. They have already held one surgery in the library but no-one came.

Action: David to discuss and confirm with PC Mayers and request to be made to library

(4) Finances

Barry has banked £160 of subscriptions in December. David donated £15 of funds towards sweets for the Santa Run and £15 towards mince pies for the Community Coffee Morning.

December payments were: £120 towards the Owl, £150 to the Neighbourhood Forum, and £34 towards the AGM. The balance is £3155

(5) Planning

(a) New Local planning Applications

Eryl has been notified of the following:

  • 10 Buxton Road : D/C 087628- change of use from existing ground floor shop to incorporate within existing dwelling house to include removal of roller shutter to front elevation(old jewellers shop)
  • 17 Elmsway D/C 087395 single storey rear extension
  • 23 Parkside Close tree work involving a Tree Preservation Order
  • Chatsworth Road – extension
  • A chicane is to be erected for an 18 month period at the top of Park Road at its junction with Hartington Road followed by a consultation

(b) Progress on the Co-op application

The Co-op is due to be discussed and voted upon at the next Marple Area Committee meeting on 25th January at 6pm at the Marple Senior Citizens Hall. The agenda has not yet been published but the Co-op is expected to be an item. Various concerns have been raised. A bench has been requested and this has been agreed, as have charging points but provision of toilets has not been agreed. Hartley Woods should be unaffected by the development. Concern over extra congestion has also been expressed caused by traffic exiting from the Co-op close to the existing junctions of Russell Avenue and Alderdale Road.

The issue of provision of public toilets was raised with Andy Burnham on his visit to the area. A trial scheme is running in Romilley with pubs offering toilet facilities but there has been no progress re. High Lane.

The Marple Area Committee meeting can be watched by live webcast through this link:


(c) Stockport Local Plan

The publication of the Stockport Local Plan and its public consultation are imminent, delay being caused by the council waiting on hearing from the government the new estimate for housing numbers. At the moment the High Lane Neighbourhood Plan is the only Plan providing guidance for development.  

(6) Actions on A6 MARR post - opening evaluation data

The detailed analysis by Darrell Williams of the Post A6 Marr evaluations can be found on the Residents’ Association website under Environment. There is some acknowledgement in the evaluations that there is more traffic but the mitigation promises have not all been fulfilled and, as mentioned last month, comparisons are difficult to make because like was not always compared with like .

Action: David is to try to set up a meeting with local councillors to outline the RA’s concerns and get their input on the A555 report

Concerns were also expressed about dangerous U turns being performed by lorries close to the A555 and the impact of the extra traffic on air pollution in High Lane especially caused by the large numbers of HGVs travelling through the village to access the A555.

(7) Progress

(a) Progress on Greater Manchester Environmental Grants

Eryl is considering making an application for outdoor gym equipment for High Lane Park.

(b) Bulb Planting

Daffodils and crocuses have been received by David from SMBC and have been planted near Carr Brow/A6, the library and near the canal. David has acquired some gardening tools for general use. He is hoping to be able to store them in a shed in the area behind the library where there is a courtyard and garden and hopefully this could enable community vegetable patches/ gardens to be developed using the tools. The Environmental Fund has grants to support projects like those.

(c) Assistance for Bus shelter rebuild/refurbishment

Tomlinsons have kindly agreed to provide wood for free for the job but they can’t provide a workman. A skilled carpenter is needed to do the repair. Any offers or suggestions gratefully received

( 8) Any Other Business

(a) Concern was expressed about dangerous parking at the corner of Hartington Road within one metre of the junction and also parking on the pavement causing difficulties for pedestrians. Parking along Brookside Lane which is a very narrow road is causing cars to meet head on and having to reverse. It was pointed out there is a car park at the top of Brookside Lane which could be used.

(b) Barry pointed out there is a lot of litter on the roads at the moment caused in part by windy weather on a recent bin day as well as indifference by a minority of people. Barry and Angela recently collected a full bag of litter along Threaphurst Lane and Barry has litter picks and bags if anyone else wants to help around the village.

(9) Date of Next Meeting

2nd February 2023 at 8pm at High Lane Library