February 24 Minutes


High Lane Residents' Association

February 3rd Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of High Lane Residents’ Association

Date: 3rd February 2024                                                                       Time: 8pm

Venue: High Lane Library

Present: David Burks; Caroline Smith; John Baker; Darrell Williams; Sue Forrester and members of the Residents Association

Apologies: Eryl Hughes; Cllr Shan Alexander; The Police; Fran Crowther

  1. Welcome given by David Burks


  1. Minutes of the last meeting – approved


  1. Police Report. In the absence of a member of the Police force, David read from a statistical report of crimes in High Lane. In the past month 5 crimes were reported in the High Lane area – one was a break-in attempt and the other 4 were minor offences. This data constitutes 0.2% of police business in the Stockport area. David recommended residents should report any crimes that had taken place via the Crimestoppers email. There was some unsatisfaction voiced that the response and presence from police was very poor. David explained that the police categorise any reported crimes in order of seriousness which indicates why police response/ presence/attendance in High Lane is low.


  1. Finance Report by John & Barry. Barry reported that monies from the doctor’s surgery book table is just in excess of £2000 with £80 taken in the last month – 21 December to 23 January. These monies are used for the upkeep of the War Memorial. John told the residents that after some delay Lloyds Bank had confirmed that he is a full signatory on behalf of HLRA. Barry Sequiera is also a signatory and Eryl Hughes’ signatory is being renewed. Stephen Price the previous secretary is remaining as a signatory while the changes take place.

The last statement from Lloyds showed a balance of £3,389.83 and since then an amount of £285 from subscriptions has been paid into the account this week. 3 requests for reimbursement of expenses have been received: From David: for AGM expenses of £157.33 for printing and for the card reader and charger; From Ian Kenna: for plants for the Jubilee planters for last year, a sum of £103.45 and from Stephen Price: for the Website licences for the last 3 months, a sum of £37.30 which gives a total expenditure of £298.18. When these have been applied the bank balance will stand at £3,376.85.


  1. Planning applications by Eryl - reported by David in Eryl’s absence


27 Fletcher Drive DC/090696

Proposed single storey, side, rear and front extension, hip to gable conversion with associated skylights, new garden room, alteration to external patio and associated surrounding pathways and retaining structures.

Oakwood Barn, Threaphurst Lane DC/090935  Discharge of condition 2 of DC/089948. Double storey wraparound extension with first floor roof terrace, external materials change and porch alteration. Main dwelling external walls first floor UPVC aluminium vertical, horizontal cladding in anthracite grey.

Question for Ian Carpenter from the Neighbourhood Forum: is upvc or aluminium compatible with a rural and mainly agricultural location?  


Dog and Partridge DC/084061 discharge of conditions  4,5,8,21,30,31,32,33,35,36,37

Briefly they are: energy efficiency of the building A; store lighting; bike storage shelter or vertical bike lockers; substation needed for charging electric cars general bays 20, accessible bays ( blue badge) 3, electric 3  total 27. Charging info. board, briefing note on charging; lighting diagram; surface water drainage plan and details of drainage system; N West elecricity guidance on construction of substation; steel bench, pedestrian access diagram; refuse and recycling at the back of the store and removal DAILY and planting list of and position of.

Lyme Park is to withdraw planning application for the proposed relocation of the visitor’s car park and restoration of a piece of historical parkland. The Knott Hill area was the proposed site for the new car park as there was concern over a recent cloud burst which caused damage and disruption at the Park. A resident informed the group that the drains under the existing car park can cope with average rainfall but as there are 2 streams that converge under the car park there is a danger of flooding if the rainfall is excessive. There was strong opposition by the public to the relocation of the car park as Knott Hill has panoramic views over to Bowstones and the surrounding countryside plus there would be possible disturbance to the deer population. It was of the opinion that an amended proposal will be forthcoming. Lyme Park say that they are committed to reduce the impact on the A6, promote green travel and ensure infrastructure can accommodate the increased number of visitors. The plans to improve the admissions hut are still going ahead. The Resident’s Association plan to meet with Lyme Park personnel to discuss the plans to improve the admissions hut. Some suggestions were that the admissions hut should be relocated further down the drive perhaps nearer the Visitor’s Centre in order to relieve the amount of traffic backing up on the A6. Also an option was discussed that the original hut should just take cash and a separate hut to be used for NT members with facilities to scan your NT card. A turn around area would be useful for people who decide they don’t want to enter the park perhaps after reconsidering the price. It was reported that over a recent weekend an option to pay on exiting the park, was trialled. The 192 bus link to Lyme Park only seems to operate during the summer months and there is a courtesy bus that takes visitors from the Information Centre back to the exit on the A6.

David has asked for any suggestions/ideas that could be put forward when a meeting takes place.


  1. Reporting back
  • Anti-social behaviour on Fairacres Road. After possible incidents of drug dealing were reported to the police by residents of the flats on Fairacres Road, David reported that police had visited the residents for more information and there had been instances of a police car patrolling the area
  • Letter sent to TfGM. David read out a letter that he had composed and sent to TfGM regarding the inadequate bus service in High Lane and stating that the Residents’ Association had some ideas for an improved bus service linking the village with other transport links, local hospitals and shopping areas. He offered an invitation to TfGM to meet up to discuss these proposals. He had received an automated email in acknowledgement of the letter but no other contact yet. He plans to contact Andy Burnham if no response from TfGM is forthcoming.
  • Re-laid footpaths Park Road area. The area had recently been repaired but it appeared that the workmanship was very shoddy. After visiting the area David reported that the job wasn’t bad enough to be repaired eg it wasn’t in a dangerous state, it was just a poor job so there were no grounds for complaint. A resident reported that the surrounding grassed area had been damaged and he had emailed Karen Barnes from Greenspace. She is going to forward the email to the Highways Department. Top soil had been used to disguise the poor workmanship but it seems that the work has conformed to specifications.
  • Parking Middlewood lay-by. It was discovered that a white van which has been parked on the Middlewood lay-by for a number of months is taxed; MOT-ed and insured. A resident reported that according to law, a vehicle isn’t classed as abandoned until it has been in a parking spot for 3 months or more.


  1. Suggestion for Trim Trail in High Lane Park – Eryl/David. Eryl and David had met with a representative from Stockport Council to ask about the possibility of constructing an adult gym in the park. The answer was in the negative but the council employee didn’t seem to know the reason why but said he would find out and feedback to David and Eryl. A question was raised about the state of the ground in High Lane Park for any future constructions.

Stockport Council would install any equipment for the park which could cost anywhere from £3000 to £30.000 and would be financed by commuted sums. David explained the concept of commuted sums - contractors of housing developments are obliged to pay a sum of money in order to provide more leisure facilities within the area that the development is taking place eg the housing development on the site of the former Thai restaurant. The commuted sum for that site was £50.000 but according to the contractor that made his project not viable and uneconomical. The sum was reduced to £15.000 which was paid as mitigation which falls under a different set of rules. David gave thanks to a lady who had persuaded Stockport Council that the site of the old Thai Restaurant on Buxton Old Road is in High Lane not Hazel Grove (politically not geographically). David commented that there needs to be plans/ideas in place if commuted sums become available. A comment was made that the bigger municipal parks eg Woodbank and Bruntwood seem to have priority if there are any commuted sums available.


  1. Greater Manchester Walking Festival. David gave details of the GM Walking Festival which is a programme of free group walks designed and organised by local people which aligns with National Walking Month in May. Walk submissions are now open and there is more information on the GM Walking Festival website or an email address info@gmmoving.co.uk is available for any queries. Some information was given on a Ladies Walking Group who walk for 45 minutes on a Tuesday morning and there is a pamphlet of Heritage Walks in High Lane available from the Stockport Heritage Trust. A discussion followed about the various footpaths in High Lane – some created by ponies moving goods to and from the mines that existed in the village years ago. Footpaths are usually either public rights of way or concessionary (at the discretion of the landowner). It was reported that the footpath (Holly Way) which is accessible to the right of the Royal Oak pub is completely overgrown and impassible. Christine stated that she can report any overgrown footpaths to the Peak and Northern Footpath Society.


  1. Neighbourhood letter from Sainsburys. David read out a letter that he had received from Sainsbury’s Project Manager Richard Wood. It stated that preparation of the site will start on 15th February including a Heritage and Architectural Grounds Survey. Contractors will be working on site from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. David is to arrange a meeting with Richard Wood when the work commences and updates will be posted on the HLRA website when the information is more concrete. The store is scheduled to open in September 2024


10. A.O.B

      à There has been a question raised about the parking of wagons on Alderdale. David stated that if they are parked legally and not causing an obstruction there is nothing to be         done. The alternative of private car parking isn’t an attractive option as private parking companies can be very zealous and sometimes book vehicles that are parked legally. To         be investigated

      b There was also mention of the narrow footpath on Buxton Road with large vehicles using the road travelling at speed close to the kerb making it uncomfortable and dangerous         for pedestrians. The question was raised – do HGVs from abroad have to pay to enter/drive in this country?

    c Roadworks by United Utilities are planned outside the Conservative Club on 11th February for approximately one week with the use of 3-way traffic lights

    d Damaged waste bin in Brookside Lane car park. This has been reported to Stockport Council Environmental Department. David will contact Aron if the bin isn’t replaced

   e It was reported that a campervan has been parked outside Balloon u Room for about 3 weeks. It is affecting other vehicles users from parking who want to visit the local                    shops. On investigation it is parked legally and the owner claims he has a disability badge – the police are to check this claim

   f Parking in the Pharmacy car park on the housing side is restricted due to overgrown bushes and hedges making the spaces along that side of the car park very narrow and               difficult to move into. Contact will be made with Stockport Council to ascertain who owns the hedges. Also a bike rack has come loose in the car park. Caroline will enquire who          has responsibility for the bike rack – the surgery of the pharmacy?

   g  A resident informed the meeting that there seemed to be a large number of vehicles parked on the pavement outside 62 Windlehurst Road facing Keswick Road on the corner          opposite the post box making the area quite dangerous for pedestrians. A homeowner who lives in the area seemed to think that the property was being used as a business and        if so a change of use should have been implemented and also parking provided if it is a business. David offered to contact Stockport Council and to forward these concerns to          the High Lane Neighbourhood Forum

  h  David had found some HLRA minutes from 1996 which mentioned complaints about traffic down Hartington Road. The members spoke briefly about life in High Lane Village in          the years previous with mention of Andrew Lane being just a dirt track and 4 chalets in the fields adjacent to Brookside Farm that were used a holiday homes – a couple of                which  are derelict but still standing. There was also a tearoom at Norbury Hollow. It was mentioned that the stile from the field is very poorly maintained and difficult to climb but        over the railway line and into Disley the footpaths are much improved

  i  The HLRA meeting in May will clash with the local elections and therefore the facilities won’t be available. David asked members to consider 2 options – to cancel the May                 meeting or arrange another date in May

                              The next HLRA meeting will be Thursday 7 March at 8pm