February 23 Minutes



MINUTES OF MEETING 2nd February 2023, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: David Burks (Chair), Angie Sequeira, Anne Walker, Barry Sequeira, Carole Gibson, Eryl Hughes, Stephen Price (Executive Committee); Councillor Shan Alexander and 22 Residents

Apologies: Darrell Williams, Helen Richardson



The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Police: it had been agreed with the PCSO that a police surgery would be held in advance of the RA meeting at 7:15pm but, in the event, the police could not attend.

David chaired this section and was pleased by the attendance, see additional minutes


Residents gave views on the trial of Hartington Road closure. Enquiries were made about monitoring over the trial period. It was suggested that due to this action there was an increase of traffic coming from Carr Brow affecting the side roads on the other side of the A6


Finance: latest receipts from the book table at the medical centre have brought the War Memorial account balance to £1,500, whilst the main HLRA account remains at circa £3,000.


Local planning:

a)       A copy of Eryl’s report on new local planning applications is included at the end of these minutes; Cllr Alexander noted that the application for 3 Silverdale Close is being called before Marple Area Committee.

b)      There has been no news on the ongoing application for 7 Orford Close. Cllr Alexander offered to follow-up on progress and report back.

c)       The developer’s application for a retail store on the former Dog and Partridge site was approved at the Marple Area Committee meeting on 25 January 2023, even though the Co-Op apparently withdrew its interest in the site some time ago. High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a helpful summary of the meeting which it has circulated to members and the matter will be discussed at the next HLVNF meeting, which is on 28 February 2023 at 8pm High Lane Library, where there will be an opportunity for members to raise questions and share comments. There is a link to the relevant Area Committee meeting documents below for information:



A6MARR (A555) post-opening evaluation: Darrell’s report, which reviews the findings of the various ‘official’ technical reports procured by SMBC/SEMMMS on traffic volumes, journey times, air quality, etc, before/after opening of the A555, has been circulated to our Councillors.   Cllr Thornley has provided his own comments in response and Cllr Macalister (who is also executive councillor for Highways) is taking the matter up with council officers. It was agreed this item will remain on the agenda.

It was also agreed that further air quality measurements should be insisted upon going forward.

A copy of Darrell’s report can be found on the HLRA website here:



The King’s Coronation: suggestions were invited for ways to mark the occasion at the bank holiday weekend in May. It was proposed that the morning of Sunday 7th May be earmarked for a village tidy-up/spring clean by members of the community, possibly followed by refreshments. On Monday 8th May the coffee morning group are holding their own event at the Village Hall which HLRA may be able to support.   Potential entertainment (Hawk Green Brass Band, or similar to the jubilee event last September) was also suggested but availability will need to be checked.


Community toilet scheme: in the absence of any public toilet facilities in the village, David has canvassed some village businesses to see if they would be willing to join a scheme which allows members of the public to use their toilet facilities, with an appropriate sign/sticker being displayed outside. Cllr Alexander advised that the council is having an open conversation on this matter, with some localities in the borough already up and running with a similar scheme. Cllr Alexander will also enquire if access to the Library toilet can be made available to Open+ members.


Volunteers needed! We need volunteers to help with gardens, parks, litter picking and events – anyone willing to give a few hours of their time to help maintain our village and support the community will be very welcome.


Spring litter pick: Likely dates are the morning of Saturday 1st or 8th April 2023, which will be confirmed next meeting.   Anyone wishing to join in, please message us at contact@hlra.org.uk with your details or contact Barry Sequeira direct.


Progress on other ongoing items:

a)       Removal of the speed humps on Windlehurst Road between the junctions with Andrew Lane and Torkington Road: we have not been made aware of proposed date or a TRO, but there have been previous assurances that work on site should be done in the current fiscal year.

b)      Refurbishment of the wooden bus shelter opposite the War Memorial – Audrey has found a carpenter prepared to do the work, Tomlinson Parbans have already agreed to provide materials free of charge. Warren and Alison have cleaned-up the shelter recently and are willing to do the painting work.

c)       Eryl advised that SMBC have confirmed that the roads on the Lakes Estate which were not re-surfaced in the last programme will be treated this year, probably in March.

d)      Parking on Hartington Road near social services property: noted that it is the responsibility of Highways, not the police, to enforce the relevant no-parking regulation.


Next HLRA Meeting Thursday 2nd March 2023 at 7.15pm, High Lane Village Hall

We have invited Katie Jones of Greenspace to attend this meeting, giving an opportunity to bring any ideas on areas around the village needing attention/improvement.

Details concerning the next police surgery will be advertised separately.


Item 5(a) – Summary of new local planning applications (see SMBC Planning Portal for details)


4 Carr Brow: DC/087547 - mature beech tree (T14) canopy and weight reduction over driveway, limbs reduced by 20%. Owner concerned about falling limbs. The tree is showing a bacterial bleeding stain on the main stem suggesting decay. TPO 198T.


4 Capesthorne Rd: DC/087529 - demolish rear extension; erection of rear/side extension and front porch to form additional living accommodation. 


3 Silverdale Close: DC/087529 - proposed single storey-side studio building in place of existing garage.


109 Windlehurst Rd: DC/08757 - demolition of existing ground floor outbuildings and first floor rear bedroom and bathroom. Construction of new double storey rear extension and new ground floor rear and side extension.


23 Park Rd: DC/087549 - part two-storey/single-storey rear extension


112 Andrew Lane: DC/087642 - demolition of single storey garage; construction of a two storey extension to the side; single storey kitchen and conservatory extension to rear.


Land at Bollinhurst Brook: DC/087589 - extension to existing agricultural barn (land at Middlecale Cottage, near Lyme Park)