February 22 Minutes

High Lane Residents’ Association

Minutes of meeting held at High Lane Library on Thursday 3rd February 2022

In attendance: David Burks (Chair), Barry Sequeira (Treasurer). Other Committee Members Helen Richardson, Angie Sequeira, Hilary Stephenson, Ann Walker,  Councillor Shan Alexander. Eight additional residents. Two police representatives Matt Mayers and Gary Appleyard. Apologies: Stephen Price,Darrel Williams, Eryl Hughes.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with no matters arising that were not to be covered later in the agenda.


  1. Police report. The police reps were asked to outline the beat area which includes not only High Lane but also Marple Bridge, Marple, Compstall, Strines and Mellor.

Police reported no burglaries or car crime reported over the last 3 weeks across the area, though some probable earlier incidents were noted from details given previously to Cllr Alexander. It was noted that there had been a more visible police presence including a special monitoring session on Thornway/Beechway area requested by Councillor Thornley. However the area of responsibility is very large with limited funds and person power. Attention had been given to High Lane Park and alleged drug dealing on the towpath in earlier weeks.

Police will try to attend Councillors’ weekly Saturday surgeries in Marple Library (24/2 and 7/3) and monthly at High Lane Library.

(firstly on 30/3.) Notices re police surgeries will be posted and information will be on HLRA website.


2  Treasurer Report.  We were sad to hear the news of the death of our financial scrutineer Tom Jackson . Tom had checked the RA accounts over several years forming a friendly relationship with our treasurer as well as the RA.

Barry gave thanks for recent donations. The account stands at £2900 with some payments due to Ian Carpenter for timber, compost, plaque fixers and shrubs. Thanks to Ian for his work leading the team doing these projects.

3. Actions from previous minutes

Mobile speed indicator. It was confirmed that Stockport has three and High Lane has been placed in the queue to get sessions. However, this may be some time off.

The overgrown hedges on Carr Brow and the A6 bollards have been dealt with. There is a question about who cleans the reflectors on the bollards to keep them visible to motorists. The council is being asked.

  1. Carparks. Cllr Alexander reported that work on the village hall car park should be completed by the end of March giving some extra spaces. There may be a review to do more in the future. Cllr Thornley and the Chair have worked on misuse and dumping in the Library carpark and the problem seems to have abated. Thanks to the neighbouring garage owner for help in monitoring this.
  2. Projects.

Litter picking. The biennial community session will take place on Saturday 19th March from 10-12. Thanks to Barry and Angie for organising and publicising this. Volunteers welcome.

Towpath and former rail station (Middlewood Way) projects. Thanks to Ian Carpenter and all volunteers for their work. More volunteers always needed. Towpath group meets on the towpath for maintenance (mainly weeding) every second Friday of the month at 10am.

Library memorial planters for former longstanding volunteers Carmel Sissons and Tom Lambert have been placed. Thanks again to Ian and team.

Derelict area at the bottom of Carr Brow/outside rear of Broadwood Close. Aron and David received a disappointing refusal of our offer to tidy this. They will ask again, and David will check whether our group liability insurance would cover us if that is the problem.

It was noted that, if requested, we will finance plants/bulbs for any planters/beds in non-park public areas, as we already do for most. Mainly domestic extensions this time.

4 Planning Applications

 Mainly domestic extensions this time.

262 Windlehurst. Development on green belt. We have again registered concerns over the issues of green belt precedent and traffic safety this raises and await a response from the council. Although this plan is strictly out of our area it affects green belt adjoining High Lane.

Eryl is monitoring the plans for a co-op retail outlet on the Dog and Partridge site which we have given general consent for but will wish to look at the details when presented.

5 Other Business

Darrell as our clean air expert is monitoring the issues surrounding the proposals for a Clean Air Zone which are on hold and being revised by Greater Manchester. He will report when there is more news. We may wish to comment then along with the Neighbourhood Forum.

It is proposed to mark the 90th anniversary of HLRA (which happened in lockdown) by an event at the village Hall on the weekend of 10th/11th September. More will follow on this.

  1. There was no further business from the floor.


       Next meeting. Thursday 3rd March 2022 at High Lane Library at 8pm.