December 23 minutes



High Lane Residents' Association

December 7th Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of High Lane Residents’ Association

Date: 7th December 2023                                                            Time: 8pm

Venue: High Lane Library

Present: David Burks; Eryl Hughes; Caroline Smith; John Baker; Darrell Williams; Barry Sequiera; Angela Sequiera; Sue Forrester and members of the Residents Association

Apologies: Cllr Shan Alexander

  1. Welcome given by David Burks


  1. Minutes of the last meeting – approved


  1. Police Report by Simon. In the absence of Simon, David commented on the low crime rate in High Lane compared to other areas of Stockport and reminded everyone to remain vigilant within and around their property.


  1. Finance Report by John & Barry. Barry reported that the monies collected from the Book Exchange at High Lane Surgery will be used to pay for winter flowers. John’s report:

Amount carried forward from last year was £2750.73.

Income since Aug 23. £1,025 subs so far received from 117 Households.

                                       £91 from the raffle and refreshments at the AGM

                                     There was a cash float of just under £20.

                                     Giving a total of £3,886

From the households subscribing there has been 16 offers of help for a variety of activities:

6 for gardening; 11 for litter picking; 8 for letter deliveries; 2 for catering and 1 for IT and website.

Expenditure since Aug 2023

Stephen Price                    88.00                           Payment for IONOS licences

HB Printing                        330.00                         HLRA newsletter

High Lane Village Hall       48.00                           AGM room hire

British Legion                    30.00                           Poppy wreath 01-Nov-23

A total of £496.00


The last bank statement of November 1st gave a balance of £3,174.33

A more recent statement is not yet available as Lloyds Bank are still processing the mandate change to add John as the new Treasurer and apply his Signatory status.


  1. Planning Applications by Eryl. 3 planning applications had been received:

       I.            23 Park Road. Demolition of existing conservatory and creation of a 2-storey rear extension with the addition of a new window in south-east elevation

      II.            11 Rostherne Avenue. A single and two storey rear extension with front dormer revision

      III.            Wybersley Hall Farm. A minor material amendment/ variation of condition 1 of planning permission DC/079812 for four residential units and associated works, to comprise a single storey extension to unit 1 and formation of a ground floor guest suite and external door to unit 1. /Variation to section 106 agreement in respect of required open space contribution.

Minor alteration /variation of listed building consent DC/079812 for four residential units and associated works, to comprise a single storey extension to unit 1 and formation of a ground floor guest suite and external door to unit 1.  DC/090282

As Wybersley Hall is a listed building Eryl had consulted with Ian Carpenter (the lead for planning issues for the forum) to clarify the amendments, and both agreed that the change of the utility room and adding a guest suite seem to be minor changes.

  1. Request from Richard of HLNVF to share costs for a projector. There was a discussion about whether it was financially viable to share the costs for a projector as it may be used once a year by HLRA at the AGM. It was suggested that the cost could be shared 3 ways with the HLNVF, HLRA and the Village Hall and possibly the library or hire one when necessary. It would therefore be more value for money and a useful asset to the community. In this scenario the use of a booking system and storage would have to be implemented and it was suggested that Linda and Mike from the Village Hall could be asked if they would take charge of this if amenable to a 3-way split. David would reply to Richard and investigate further.
  2. Request from Owen Taylor for flowers at Old High Lane Station – possibly Sunflowers. Owen has proposed the planting of a spring/summer display of sunflowers to replace the Union Jack on the embankment of the old High Lane train station which needs financing and manpower - Owen had already planted a similar display at Tatton Park. RHS approved weedkiller would be needed to extend the site and it was suggested that John contact the 5 residents who have volunteered for gardening duties. This proposal was approved by the committee.
  3. Distribution of bulbs for planters around the village. David had received some bulbs from Stockport Council to be used around High Lane in the planters and verged footpaths.
  4. Commuted sums and grants. David explained that commuted sums and grants are monies given back to the council to be used for the improvement of parks and gardens in any areas that have had a building development. Eryl and David had met up with the Parks & Gardens officer for Stockport Council to ask for better communication when commuted sums and grants have been made available. David reported that High Lane Park could have been overlooked when monies became available from the development of houses on the site of the former Thai restaurant (Buxton Old Road). He added that High Lane were not being informed/made aware of monies available. It appears that some community parks ie Torkington and Marple are given priority to the sums available. Suggestions were asked for the improvement and development of High Lane Park:- the installation of an adult gym trail which may possibly help to lower anti-social behaviour; the skatepark requires considerable maintenance or rebuilding (at the time local children had put forward their ideas for this); the installation of an all-weather surface pitch (MUGA) for basketball or 5-a-side football and additional lighting in the area.

The question arose whether Friends of the Park should be involved but the RA and residents were unsure as to whether it still existed or not.

The question was asked about commuted sums available from the building of Sainsbury’s but David replied that because it is a commercial and not a housing development, this would not apply in this instance, but other funds may be made available.

It was suggested that any ideas for the development of the park should be emailed to Eryl to be taken forward to Stockport Council.


10  Assistance for Joanne Charlotte (Santa Tour). The provision of sweets for Santa’s Tour on 12/13 December was approved by the committee – David to cost price the sweets by contacting Swizzels Factory or purchasing them from Morrisons.


11  Reporting back about Hartington Road closure from Marple Area Committee. Caroline gave a brief resumé of a report from Marple Area Committee Meeting held on 29 November 2023 regarding the High Lane Hartington Road-Park Road Trial Road Closure. Reading from the conclusion of the report there was a suggestion that the data is flawed as it doesn’t represent what actually happened. There was a minimal impact for residents on Hartington Road and traffic was pushed into other areas eg Alders Green. It was suggested that the installation of traffic calming methods could be explored and the change of the traffic sign on Hartington Road to “Residents Only” instead of “Access Only”. The full report can be viewed by logging onto Marple Area Committee at and scrolling down to Marple Area Committee News Feed Latest Items.


12    A.O.B.

-          Eryl has requested a refresher course on using the Defibrillator – to be arranged.

-          Caroline mentioned that a new battery is needed for the Defibrillator before August 2024.

-          It was reported that 8 trees have been ring-fenced to be removed from behind the Memorial Gardens - they are not protected. All the trees were assessed after the large                oak was blown down a few months ago. The trees are overhanging the cottage and causing moss to grow in the gardens.

-          A request for more chippings (possible 1 – 2 tons) was put forward for High Lane station area.

-          The wooden signpost at the entrance to Middlewood Way has rotted and needs replacing. It was suggested that Stockport Council were contacted about a new signpost.

-          The triangular strip of grass at the bottom of Carr Brow at the junction of the A6 had been planted with bulbs by but it appears that they have been destroyed by cars                      driving over the area.

-          The dilapidated noticeboard at Brookside Park has been removed by the Council but not replaced with a new one. Cllr Shan Alexander to be approached and asked to                    investigate.

-          The litter bin next to Down to Earth has disintegrated and is only half it’s original size and is often overflowing. It was suggested that Stockport Council were contacted                      about the installation of a new litter bin.

-          David had contacted the Project Manager (Jonathan) for the contractors working on the Sainsburys supermarket to set up a meeting to establish a relationship and                             enabling conversations to be opened.

-          A member of the RA has asked for a link to previous minutes to be included on David’s email about the forthcoming HLRA meetings.

-          Volunteers to be requested to help tidy up Hartley Woods as it is an asset to the community. The association members asked if Friends of Hartley Woods                                          still exists – Helen    Richardson to be contacted regarding this.

-          Heating in the library – there didn’t appear to be any heating on for Thursday’s evening meeting – library staff to be contacted.

-          David commented that the traffic calming measures on Windlehurst Road may deter vehicle users from travelling to Marple and perhaps contributing to loss of trade                     amongst Marple shopkeepers.

-          Alan had reported that there has been no response to the request for Speedwatch volunteers – David to advertise for volunteers on the website and Facebook.

-          A resident remarked that there had been some Police vehicle presence driving along Meadway in the last couple of weeks.

-          Eryl mentioned witnessing a couple of incidents where cars travelling on the A6 in the direction of Hazel Grove had missed the right-hand turn to Marple at the Horseshoe               pub traffic lights and instead had used the filter lane which is intended for vehicles coming from Hazel Grove to turn left towards Marple. To be raised with councillors as                     regards to clearer signage.

-          Next meeting - 4thJanuary 2024 8.00pm at the library