December 22 Minutes




MINUTES OF MEETING 1st December 2022, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: Helen Richardson (Acting Chair), Angie Sequeira, Anne Walker, Barry Sequeira, Darrell Williams, Stephen Price (the Executive Committee); Cllr Colin Macalister; PCSO Simon Carr, and Residents

Apologies: David Burks, Eryl Hughes, Councillor Shan Alexander




The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Matters arising from AGM: Warren is to speak to David on his return in relation to acknowledgement of the fundraising work and other support provided during the daytime events at HLRA’s 90th anniversary weekend.



Following the AGM and for the purposes of the Constitution, the appointment of Officers for the HLRA Year ending 31 October 2023 was confirmed as follows:

Chair: David Burks

Vice Chair: vacancy

Treasurer: Barry Sequeira

Secretary: Stephen Price

(NB there are currently two vacant positions on the Executive Committee).



Police: PCSO Simon Carr attended the meeting:

a)       As previously confirmed, GMP have now approved the Community Speedwatch scheme and have requested volunteers. No date has yet been advised as to when this will start.

b)      A discussion took place in relation to the follow-up by police after the theft of items outside Windlehurst Church at the recent antiques valuation day, with feedback given to the PCSO around lessons learnt and improving community engagement.



Finance: Barry reported on transactions in the month with the main account balance currently at £3,299 and the war memorial account at £1,317.



Local planning:

a)       Eryl’s report was printed on the agenda; no actions required.

b)      The ongoing application for 7 Orford Close is to be considered by Area Committee in January 2023. Cllr Macalister offered to follow-up on progress if residents give him their details.

c)       It is understood that the Co-Op’s application for the Dog and Partridge site is ongoing, with requests for the inclusion a public toilet being put to the developer.

d)      Stockport Local Plan – Cllr Macalister advised this is due for consultation in January 2023; it is important that Residents participate to ensure development is in the right place and local green space is protected.








(next meeting agenda)


Progress on ongoing items:

a)       Removal of the speed humps on Windlehurst Road between the junctions with Andrew Lane and Torkington Road: Cllr Macalister reported that work in the background is progressing on the wider issues, but it is hoped that work on site will be done in the current fiscal year.

b)      It is understood that the trial closure of access to Hartington Road from Park Road to monitor the effects on rat-running will take place early 2023, followed by an online consultation.

c)       The refurbishment of the owl sculpture in Hartley Woods is now complete.

d)      David has been in contact with Marple Review and an article concerning HLRA’s work is included in the current issue.

e)      Meetings are ongoing with representatives of St Thomas’ Church and SMBC reviewing options and viability for a Garden of Reflection for the impact of the pandemic.   Considerations in relation to funding and future maintenance etc have to be resolved.

f)        SMBC are supplying crocus bulbs, the intention is to plant these at the High Lane Station picnic site and in the grass verge at Carr Brow/A6 junction.

g)       Warren reported that, following requests, new litter bins have now been installed on Buxton Road at the bus stops and also near the church on Windlehurst Road; the direction sign for Middlewood Station has also finally been realigned.

h)      Refurbishment of the bus shelter opposite the War Memorial – Tomlinsons to be asked if we can display a ‘Can You Help?’ poster  appealing for local carpenters to help with the repair work.

i)        Noticeboards – generic poster required advertising HLRA meeting details; Warren was thanked for painting the Library car park noticeboard frame and tidying the area.



















(to discuss with DB on return)



A6MARR (A555) post-opening evaluation: Darrell has compiled a draft document which reviews the findings of the various official reports procured by SMBC/SEMMMS on traffic volumes, journey times, air quality, etc before/after opening of the A555. Due to inconsistencies in how/when various data on which the official reports are based was recorded, it is uncertain how reliable they actually are. Initially, Darrell will send copies of his review to our Councillors so that next steps can be discussed further. Meanwhile Darrell was thanked for producing such a thorough analysis.  





(next meeting)


Next Meeting Thursday 5th January 2023 at 8pm High Lane Library