December 21 Minutes



MINUTES OF MEETING 2nd December 2021, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: Steering Group - David Burks, Barry Sequeira, Helen Richardson, Hilary Stephenson, Stephen Price; Cllr Shan Alexander, Sgt Matthew Fazl-Lavassani and 5 Members

Apologies: Eryl Hughes, Angie Sequeira, Darrell Williams, Anne Walker




The minutes of the last meeting were approved



Police matters: Sgt Matthew Fazl-Lavassani was welcomed to the meeting and dealt with questions concerning the following:

  1. There have been reports on social media concerning dangerous dogs on a canal boat. It was understood that the boat in question may now have moved out of the area but Matthew agreed to look into this if the Incident Number and date can be advised. It was stressed that Incident Numbers can only be allocated when crimes are reported using the GMP contact numbers or website, not social media channels (see below)


  1. It was confirmed that High Lane is to be part of the Community Speedwatch Pilot Project. Noted that the scheme is currently suspended whilst an issue elsewhere in the GM area is resolved but we will be advised as soon as GMP have the relevant policies and training in place. Residents of South Meadway and Hartington Road repeated concerns about unabated speeding and rat running on residential roads.

In the meantime, Cllr Alexander was asked to find out what had happened to the mobile speed indicator that was purchased by Marple Ward/Area Committee in 2017 and could this be re-installed in High Lane now? Also noted that Cllr Thornley is pressing for a separate pilot scheme aimed at controlling rat-running on Hartington/Park Road

  1. Comments concerning visibility of neighbourhood policing were noted, particularly around High Lane Park and anti-social behaviour. Matthew advised that the Park is included in a number of Operations planned at various intervals and is included on the PCSO’s patrol plan, however the severity levels are much lower here than in other areas. The Response team also patrols the area during down time, including at night.


  1. Reminder that the Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme Fund is available for applications from NFP community groups in relation to projects which meet the GMP crime plan/objectives and High Lane Scouts have recently been successful in this. This scheme was originally alerted to HLRA in January 2021 via the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator but no viable projects were identified at the time, details will be included on the website for any new ideas.

  2. Matthew confirmed the most appropriate ways to get in touch with the police: phone 999 for a crime in progress or emergency and 101 for non-emergencies. It was acknowledged that 101 calls often queue and online reporting maybe preferred. These are the only means of ensuring that an incident is logged, allocated an Incident Number and followed up. The local PCSO’s Gary Appleyard and Craig Gehrke can be emailed in conjunction with using the above methods. People should not use social media channels for reporting crimes or other concerns as these are not monitored, not logged and are not private.


  1. Matthew confirmed the intention that either he, Craig or Gary will endeavour to attend future HLRA monthly meetings where possible













   Cllr       Shan     Alexander












Finance: Barry gave a statement of transactions in the month with a previous account balance of £3,296, expenditure of £477 (remembrance wreath £30, timber for planters and signs £407, plants £40), giving a new balance of £2,819.



Council actions:

  1. Overgrown hedges and verges: (i) A6/Buxton Road – SMBC have acknowledged, but the cutting back is still to be completed. Angie has written again to Cllr Thornley with photographs to illustrate that some road signs are obscured and footpaths difficult/unsafe to use. Ownership of the land near the layby known as Coopers Meadow is being clarified, thought to be Highways England. (ii) Carr Brow (Thornway side and also at the bottom on the bend towards Disley) still requires attention. Cllr Alexander agreed to follow up


  1. Missing illuminated bollard at the pedestrian refuge near Alders Green Road/A6 junction – SMBC have acknowledged this but the work has still not been done (only temporary signage put in place). Further bollard on the A6 near the Royal Oak now also damaged. Concerns relating to the Council’s approach to bollard design/selection and general housekeeping of highway refuges and roadsides are hereby minuted at the request of Geoff Gaskell)


  1. Blocked gullies on A6 Buxton Road near St Thomas Church, Disley direction – these are regularly flooding and require attention


  1. Removal of speed humps on Windlehurst Road – Cllr Alexander reported that this had been approved following a consultation earlier this year but the response from SMBC Engineers’ department is that there are no funds currently available for the work


  1. Blocked right of way from Windlehurst Road (opposite Parkside Close, between approx. Nos 31/33) – Cllr Alexander to check action with Cllr Thornley and contact Footpaths Officer


SMBC / Councillors to follow all these points up please




  1. Improvements to public right of way path between Nos 71/75 Windlehurst Road – plans on hold pending better weather


  1. Proposed refurbishment of bus shelter opposite the War Memorial – Barry is arranging for a scope of work to be prepared to see if the project is viable. Tomlinson Parbans would provide the timber free of charge, volunteers required for carpentry work and painting etc.


  1. Canal towpath maintenance – next maintenance session Friday 10 December 2021, weather permitting


  1. Repair of the bench at Broadhurst Bridge – Cllr Alexander advised that Hawk Green RA are applying to the Area Committee/Ward Flexibility Fund. No action required from HLRA.








Local planning:

  1. Eryl’s monthly report circulated separately, no follow up required


  1. Reminder noted for High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum AGM at 2pm Saturday 4 December 2021, High Lane Village Hall



Other business:

  1. Concerns raised by a resident in relation to the danger caused by vehicles driving on the footpath outside the Village Hall and Scout Hut. Cllr Alexander reported that it is proposed to resolve this as part of a package of measures being considered for increasing the parking provision at the Village Hall. Opinions were voiced again concerning the balance between allowing or policing private parking on the public car parks in the village, which are currently free of parking charges


  1. Wheelie bin collections – comments were noted concerning obstructions caused by bins not being properly returned by council contractors after emptying. Cllr Alexander suggested that the correct route is for individual households to report issues themselves on the council website. Noted that residents on some roads have taken ownership of this by attending to this themselves collectively on behalf of their neighbours.








Next Meeting Thursday 6th January 2022 at 8pm at High Lane Library