August 22 Minutes



MINUTES OF MEETING 4th August 2022, 8pm at High Lane Library

Present: Helen Richardson (acting Chair), Angie Sequeira, Barry Sequeira, Darrell Williams, Eryl Hughes, Stephen Price (the Executive Committee); Police Officer Matthew Mayers, PCSO colleague and Residents

Apologies: Anne Walker, David Burks, Hilary Stephenson




The minutes of the last meeting were approved.



Police: Matthew and his colleague addressed the meeting and took questions. Good news is that GMP have now approved the community speedwatch scheme with 3 locations in High Lane put forward for risk assessments, these are Meadway, Andrew Lane (in the area of the school) and Hartington Road. No information on timing is available at present, it was suggested that this question be put to Inspector Flavell at the next Marple Area Committee Meeting (14 Sept 2022 at 6pm, Marple Senior Citizens Hall) (prior notification would be required, see Democracy website). Meanwhile student officers are still being assigned on traffic watch and it was noted this is having a positive effect.

On other matters, an offender has been apprehended and charged following the reported knife-point incident in High Lane Park. Attention is still being focussed on anti-social behaviour, including the current problem of youths breaking into the empty Dog and Partridge building.

The local police contact details were confirmed: Matthew’s email and Marple police station phone 0161 856 9782.






Finance: Barry advised the account balance is £2,438.96 after outgoings for the jubilee weekend celebration and insurance renewal.



Council actions – no Councillors were present at this meeting but progress was noted as follows on the items brought forward from last month:

a)       Dangerous parking of vehicles outside the social services property on Hartington Road blocking visibility at junction: some of the yellow lines have now been reinstated but the problem area (where cars were parked) has been left. In addition, cars are now parking on the new yellow lines. Councillors please take forward.

b)      Rostherne Avenue and Rydal Avenue were not resurfaced with the rest of the Lakes roads: we have been advised that these roads (together with Grasmere, Arnside and Woodside) are to be “patch-repaired” potentially with a view to surfacing with micro-asphalt at some future date.

c)       Date for removal of the speed humps on Windlehurst Road between the junctions with Andrew Lane and Torkington Road (for which Cllr Macalister advised last month that had funding had been secured) – open item, Councillors please take forward

d)      Date for when the trial exercise of closing access to Hartington Road from Park Road is to take place (for a period of 6 weeks to monitor effect on rat-running): open item, Councillors please take forward

e)      Overgrown hedges and undergrowth blocking safe passage on footways along A6 and obscuring signs, notably junction with Carr Brow and Middlewood layby: open item, Councillors please take forward

f)        Signs of oil entering the stream behind residential properties on Andrew Lane (Ochreley Brook), possibly coming from motor business at Lomberhey Farm.   Environment Agency has been advised, as last month: Councillors – can the council please follow up too.

g)       New item – reports of dangerous parking of HGV’s on the pavement outside the Spar and Medical Centre, the new kerbstones have been damaged and there is a safety risk generally. Councillors – for discussion at next meeting in relation to possible provision of steel bollards or some other action

Councillors – all items for follow up and report at next meeting please


Local planning: Eryl’s report was printed on the agenda; no actions required



HLRA 90th anniversary: weekend of 10th/11th September 2022 at High Lane Village Hall: arrangements are ongoing and details will be posted when these are settled.



HLRA Newsletter 2022: currently with printers with a view to distributing during August. Barry is coordinating volunteers to deliver door-to-door



Landfill Communities Fund: Eryl offered to look into opportunities for potential funding of local projects under this scheme, which gives community grants from landfill operator tax credits via “Entrust”



Hartley Woods, restoration of the owl sculpture: Colin Doran is in contact with Andy Burgess with a view to the work being done end Sept/early Oct this year  



Congratulations were offered to High Lane Medical Centre for being voted the best in England in the recent national GP Patient Survey



Next Meeting Thursday 1st September 2022 at 8pm High Lane Library