April 23 Minutes



High Lane Residents’ Association Meeting

Date: 6th April                                               Time: 8pm                               Venue: High Lane Library

Present: David Burks, Anne Walker, Eryl Hughes, Barry Sequeira, Carole Gibbons, Angela Sequeira, Darrell Williams,

Audience 12

1) Apologies: Stephen Price, Helen Richardson

2) The minutes of the last meeting were approved as an accurate record.

3) Finances

After the litter pick expenses, the balance of the account is £3130.13

Barry reported on the litter pick on 1st April which went really well. 33 sacks of litter were collected The weather was good and there was a sociable atmosphere among the volunteers . Quite a number of local people stopped to thank the volunteers, which was much appreciated. 10 hoops for use with the necks of the large bags were purchased at a cost of £154. Inserting rubbish into the neck in a breeze is difficult and takes time. The hoop makes the job a lot easier. The feedback on them was mainly positive. David thanked Barry for organising the event and thanked all those who took part.

4) Local Planning Applications

Eryl Hughes reported on the following, none of which needed input from the RA.

(i) 13 Buxton Road DC/088187 – the old Post Office. Change of use : ground floor of the building currently Class E changed to residential Class 3.

(ii) 28 Balmoral Drive DC/0882071 – proposed single storey extension

(iii)24 Park Road- DC/088055 extension and alteration of the roof at the rear of the property including a new gable.

5) Progress on Green Space

Eryl is arranging a meeting for after Easter for discussion of the Green Space initiative. This will apply to the strip of land bordering the man road between Middlewood Road and the Sailing Club. It is believed SMBC own this land.

6) Community Toilet Scheme Update

David Burks has talked to Adam Cunningham from SMBC who told him the council have no money to implement a Community Toilet scheme in High Lane. Currently the only public toilet is in the library but during Open Plus hours the toilet is locked which is quite a large percentage of the week. Mr Cunningham is going to look into whether the library toilet can be opened during Open Plus hours. There is an alarm cord in the toilet in case of emergency which would be important when considering using the toilet at Open Plus times. It was pointed out that other areas have more toilets and some local pubs would be prepared to join a scheme as happens in other places.

7) The King’s Coronation May 2023

A volunteer effort has been suggested nationally . In High Lane on Monday May 8th it was suggested this could involve a litter pick and general tidy up around the village with refreshments served in the village hall afterwards. The RA is open to any further ideas people have. There was a query whether we need to inform SMBC of any plans we make. It was felt that it could be publicised for individuals to do volunteer jobs on the day rather than being organised by the RA. This would not need consultation with SMBC. Barry stated that he normally informs Wayne and Karen re the litter pick so he will inform Karen on this occasion too.

Action: David to publicise the proposals on the 4 notice boards around the village and on the village Facebook. Christine Wright is also to be asked to publicise the events in the church newsletter as she kindly did for the litter pick.

8) Volunteers for Parks, Gardens, Litter Events and HLRA Committee

It was agreed that it would be a good idea to spread the word to get more volunteers . The RA committee will need volunteers very soon.

-Stephen Price , Secretary will be finishing this year

-Barry Sequeira will cease to be Treasurer,

-There is currently a vacancy for Vice Chair and

-David Burks said he will probably also be stepping down from the role of Chair.

David is attending a U3Ameeting in June to talk about the RA and answer any questions . Hopefully this will gain some volunteers . David asked everyone to mention the RA roles to anyone whom they think could be interested.  

9) Any Other Business

(i)Date for HLRA AGM : The AGM usually takes place in late October with a committee meeting happening earlier in the month. David proposed that the AGM be held on the first Thursday of October, the 5th, ( thereby avoiding the school half term holiday) and this would be the only RA meeting for the month. All present were in agreement with this.

(ii) Dog and Partridge Update: The Co-op pulled out from interest in the site about a year ago. It is now classified as a Class E site instead of a class EA site (as it was previously), meaning the site can be used for any commercial activity whereas with EA it was restricted to being used as a food convenience store. As Planning permission has been granted for the site, as long as any developer sticks to the “footprint “of the building on the current plan it could be developed for anything. The site will be worth more now with planning permission. There is speculation that the Co-op may renew their interest in the site.

(iii) Trees: Warren inquired about the trees which had been offered by the council and where they had been planted. David explained that the site between Middlewood Road and the Sailing club is not suitable for large trees. The original idea was to plant wild flowers there . The site needs strimming. It was suggested something similar could be done there as has been done on land near Bower field House.

(iv) Crime: There was a break in at the Coach House Garage on 24th March 2023 and two weeks previously Hillcrest Garage was broken into. Warren reported the Coach House break in to the police who came and boarded up the affected area. There has been no update on whether anyone has been caught for the crime. It was pointed out there are a number of cameras round the nearby Home Instead building.

(v) Police update: PC Matthew Mayers, the village policeman, has sent David an update stating people should continue to be vigilant and report crime/suspected crime either to Crime stoppers or 101 or ring 999 for emergencies. Crime levels in this area continue to be low. The Marple and Hazel Grove police have a Face book page with some interesting facts. Recently a police car was parked in the lay-by with cameras checking all vehicles were taxed.

(vi) Community Speed watch scheme: Volunteers are still being vetted in preparation for the implementation of the scheme. Training should start very soon. There are enough volunteers at the moment although anyone else interested should still get in touch.

(vii) Footpaths: It was stated that a footpath leading to Thornway needs to be risk assessed. Cars drive on the pavement and there are high hedges on both sides restricting visibility. It was suggested bollards are needed similar to those at Deneway.

Action: David is to visit the footpath with Warren to inspect the problem and will aim to include a local councillor on the visit if possible. If Aron Thornley has a surgery this weekend, David will speak to him there.

(viii) Canal litter bins: Angela raised the issue that bins supplied are not adequate especially for the canal moorings at the end of Middlewood Road where the road meets the canal. The litter pickers of the 1st April had mentioned this too. Larger bins or double bins would be better.

Action: David to contact Aron Thornley about this

(ix) FYI: There is to be a new ambulance station built at the Park and Ride

         Two electric chargers have been installed by Torkington Park but their use is restricted to taxis.

Action: Eryl to check the reason for this and report back.

(x) Lyme Park Consultation: Carol drew people’s attention to the fact there is currently a consultation taking place on new parking proposals for Lyme Park which can be accessed at: portal.peakdistrict.gov.uk/03230337 until 28th April. It was agreed that the current system leads to traffic building up on Buxton Road but there is little reference to this. There were mixed views on the proposed changes, many feeling the dominance of cars was being promoted. RA members are encouraged to respond as individuals to the proposal. David pointed out High Lane is fortunate to have several free car parks at the moment.

10) Date of Next Meeting The local elections will be taking place at the library and village hall on 4th May. Therefore it was suggested a committee meeting only should be held in May and the next open meeting will be held on Thursday 1st June at 8pm in High Lane Library. All present were in agreement with this.